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Damian Griffin's animated short film "Blink" can finally be seen online at the ifilm website! You can now watch it on your own free time, and with the added bonus of not having Damian stare at you while you watch it.

Film Synopsis

In a race against time, the father of a 1960's middle-class family of worms must save his wife and children from a speeding bullet. The story is inspired from a famous photograph taken in 1964 by Dr. Harold Edgerton.

Blink premiered in 2002 at the Austin Film Festival and proceeded to screen at 25 film festivals in the year 2003 including South by Southwest and the Los Angeles Film Festival. In fact, Blink was the unofficial winner at South by Southwest. (It's a long story, ask me if you have a while)
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Blink was written/directed/animated by Damian Griffin as a labor of love over the course of a couple of years. Music and sound was produced at Brave New Audio by the very talented Mark McCoin.

Here's the link for Blink on iFilm.

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Damian Griffin

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