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  2. Thanks Tom for your precious help. Problem solved Good night
  3. Ola Djamel! Please, send me a email: tom@eias3d.com I will fix your mac :) Thanks Tom
  4. Hi everybody, It doesn't work. Do I have something to do with the SIP ? Thanks Djamel
  5. Ola Djmael! Please, try this dongle installer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljyal6mz5goc8hy/El_Capitan_OSX_Dongle_Installer.zip?dl=0 Thanks Tom
  6. Hello everybody, I'm a legal user of EIAS3D v8 and I have the following problem. EIAS v8 doesn't start with Sierra. I tried "OS X Dongle Installer.pkg " without any success What must I do to make it works ? Thanks in advance
  7. Ola my friend Mark! We did our steps for performance :) You will see it.. Thanks Tom
  8. Hi Tomas Hope to see 10 soon and maybe Apple can give us a updated Mac Pro that dumps intel for amd should be able to have more power for less money. I ve been wanting and. Waiting for a real boost in rendering performance to get back into 3D . Looks like we're finally going to get that pretty soon. Well good luck getting things done . Apple really has throw one change after another at developers. A lot of determination being displayed by you guys. Really want to get back to 3D Mark
  9. Ola Paul! Since we use EIAS everyday in the projects, we did all possible changes in this release to make it modern for our workflow, Im pretty sure, our user base will benefit it a lot of it. Allowing next upgrades to be easier to release and faster. Thanks a lot for your kind words P :) Tom
  10. Ola Tomas ! Are you including a modeler with v10 ? That would be huge ! At any rate, your work on EIAS over the last decade has been fantastic. It must be devilishly difficult doing a 3D program in the current climate. All the best with v10. Let's hope you really smash it out of the park.
  11. Ola Paul! Its his wish, sure, Im personal wish is a poly modeler built-in too :) Thanks Tom
  12. I'm not sure when you last used EIAS, but for various reasons it no longer has a modeller, and hasn't for some years. Every once in a while there will be a bit of discussion about reviving it, but nothing as yet.
  13. Hey Jeff! Interesting post! btw: As you know, I am an EIAS user too! so, since we do lots of TV ads and VFX. our goal is bring EIAS asap "into the 21st. Century" as you wrote hehe.. I hope we will please, lots of request from our user base! Including you of course :) Yes, we are a small team with a lot of passion to EIAS, trying to be clear about what took so long on this upgrade, some important changes we did, generated a "cascade" effect, pushing us to re-write from scratch more and more the old code. And recent external changes from Apple added more delay on our side, Apple killed 32 bits apps, Apple killed Quicktime on Windows and a lot more.. so, we had a balance between big code changes, new features to make us and the user base happy, lots of optimizations to show we are faster and easier than the other apps for sure :) Our goal after v10: make smaller upgrades to be always in contact with our user base, hearing all demands and make always EIAS fresh! Thanks a lot Tom
  14. That has historically been one of EAIS' best features—3D matte "paintings." Just look back to the film "Gladiator" where EI was used to recreate the Coliseum or the particle effects for the nuclear bomb effect in "Terminator 2." Both were early, groundbreaking uses of CG in film. The there was also the "Rebel Unit" at ILM, led by John Knoll, that used EIAS as their main 3D package for the "Star Wars Episodes IV-VI - Special Editions" and for the USS Enterprise model for a couple of the Star Trek movies. I am REALLY looking forward to EIAS 10. I am really hoping the you guys have succeeded in bringing it into the 21st. Century — both features-wise and UI-wise. I have been using Modo, C4D, Maya, Houdini, and 3DS Max over the years and the only two that I have actually grown to enjoy using have been C4D and, especially, Modo. But, I cut my 3D teeth on EI and I miss it. There were many reasons, both technically and feature needs, that I had to switch from EI over the years but, I really would love to come back to it. Here is a "must have" list to get me to come back: Camera: 1) Fully multi-threaded. I have 32 Ryzen Threadburner cores in my computer, need I say more? 2) A fully modern render engine that includes GI, ray tracing, radiosity, ambient occlusion, full set of render passes, output to 1.0 gamma workflow, and can save to all of the common output types — especially 32bit OpenEXR — oh, and fast rendering or/co-rendering would be a very welcome bonus (I have a Titan RTX in my box). 3) Modeller needs to be able to, at a minimum, let me build both polygonal and Sub-D models and be able to import and export to the common file types in use today. 4) We need a robust and modern shader that can handle all of the kinds of shading in common use today — everything from good, noiseless subsurface scattering to clean reflections, blurry reflections and refractions. 5) Finally, is there anyway to dump that old, 1980s-looking UI and use today's Mac and Windows native UI elements? I know you guys have struggled quite a bit since you rescued EI from going under. And I know your development team is quite small so, I quite understand the long delays and slow addition of new features. But, I do have hope. I learned 3D on EI and have always loved using it.
  15. Ola my friend, Just tried to send you a email back, but the message returned with an error from your server :( I sent again using another email :) Thanks Tom
  16. Ola my friend! Here :) You will use the FOG Trick, take a look in the video. EI DoF Lens Blur Here the sample projects. DEPTH_EI.zip Thanks Tom
  17. It looks like the built in EIAS DOF method involves rendering extra frames. I seem to remember an alternative involving a special light to produce a depth channel that can later be used to blur the clip in AFX. Is there a tutorial or even a set of basic instructions to get me set on the right track?
  18. Renderama "bounces" in the dock few seconds ... and won't start. Mainly with MACOS10.14 - but also on 10.12 ! Seems to work with 10.13 ... (I have 5 iMacs in my office) - All computers with DHCP+Manual address. - No Wifi - no bluetooth - all Ethernet connection.
  19. Ola Zig! Why do you need to quit Animator when Camera launches? :) Thanks Tom
  20. Hello Tomas, Sorry for not replying last time, quite busy in fact. I've send you an email for help... Best regards
  21. Thank you. Got it now. Can I make the animator quit automatically when it launches Camera?
  22. Ola Zig! Are you using EIAS 9.1, right? not 9.0 :) Double click on Camera / Go to menu bar / File / Settings Change your Camera from 32 bits to 64 bits mode :) Click Optimal to use all Ram Available. In the file Menu, you can pause or Hide Camera too :) Thanks Tom
  23. hello, I'm dusting off eias in its 9th incarnation, after all these years I finally get into rendering. It says max memory at 2000mB, and it does seem like the camera is not taking proper advantage of this 2015 macbook pro... Also getting back into the Apple universe. can i no longer assign memory in the "get info" window? i remember back in the old days there was a utility that added features to the camera - one could even pause and resume a render... is it worth trying renderama? if i paid for the commercial blobby plugin, would it work in mojave eias 9 and would it be faster to render blobs? https://gyazo.com/01522182d3de15edb43be78cf4c17c5a
  24. Ola Joseph! Thanks a lot for the Tip! Tom
  25. At first I could not import anything from Form z Jr into EIAS 9 demo or 8. Finally, these settings seem to work for FACT format. Still having trouble with other formats. Hope this works for other users!
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