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  2. Ola Phungus! Lets do the promotions when we release v10, it will be better :) Thanks Tom
  3. What? No Black Friday sale???
  4. Ola Paulc! Not yet my friend! We are polishing the last Big feature now, finish the bug fixing and we will be done with the Mac build which we want to release first. Thanks Tom
  5. Are you getting closer to releasing a new/updated feature list for version 10?
  6. Ola Tomas ! Good news ! Thanks for the prompt reply.
  7. Ola Paul! Hope every body is safe with family! EIAS v10 is ready for Catalina / Big Sur, the new Apple changes will be addressed for sure, no way out :) We are non-stop here to finish our new cool upgrade :) Thanks Tom
  8. Ola Tomas and all EIAS users. Hope all is well with you in these crazy, mixed up times. For us Mac users, Apple has some big changes in store - dropping OpenGL for Metal, Mac OS Big Sur, and of course, the Apple Silicon processors which will be used in all Macs in the future. I'm just wondering how EIAS is placed to handle these changes ? Thanks.
  9. Hey Burney! Im really happy with the latest beta build from this yesterday, polishing the last big feature, it will help every body a lot! Thanks Tom
  10. Tom, Thanks for update. Keep going and don't retire young : ) Burney
  11. Ola Burney! We are here non stop, we just started to update our new viewports to handle more data after our last feature implementation, we hope to finish this soon, after that, we will do more polishing and re-started the bug fixing cycle. We are anxious to finish the upgrade :) Thanks Tom
  12. Hello Tom, Just drop by to say hello to everyone and hoping to see ____ soon ... Burney
  13. Ola Hervé! Thanks a lot for the sample project! I will discuss with Igors! Tom
  14. I've sended you a mail. Best regards.
  15. Ola my friend! We are working non stop on v10 :) Your problem, appears a limitation of the Raytrace render, please, do me a favor, simplify your scene, only one Tree, the used light and only one Ubershape plane behind to show these "squares" artifacts in the render, collect the scene and send me. (tom@eias3d.com) - A trick with Trees using Raytrace GI render, please, download this sample project, in the Transparency tab / Raytrace sub-tab / you should use GI Cache as "Irradiance" to have a really faster render. X_Frog Tree sample project Thanks Tom
  16. I have a tree with leaves using UV maps. The tree is seen mostly in reflection on a glass curtain wall and inox steel parts. I use clipping maps end/or transparency maps with alpha channel to cut the leaves out of their supporting square polygons. If you can't see the supporting polygons on direct view - one can see theses square polygons in the reflected parts of the images... Any idea how to avoid having squares instead of leaves in the reflected parts of the image ? Best regards.... waiting for v10 (sounds like Godot !)
  17. PWoods

    UV maps

    Collecting the files seems to have fixed the problem - sorry my turn of phrase probably did'nt make it clear in my edit - I could still set it up broken if you need to see it. It also happened the other day with a uv on a tshirt on a character I could read it in object display but it was like a reflection or flipped when rendered - I kept reversing it in PS , and gave up if I remember correctly , then seem to fix itself but it probably was when I collected the files. Thanks for reply let me know if you need to try set up the anomaly again. Ok here is is the jpg - or s
  18. Ola PWoods, Could you send me the collected project and the snapshot showing the problem? email: tom@eias3d.com If you need to share doubts and users ideas in realtime, you can join us in our Facebook private group. Facebook EIAS group Thanks Tom
  19. Hello , I have sorted the problem - using the collect files option seems to resolve the issue . I am only starting back with 3d and EAIS - I am using Silo and making uv maps in PS , when I bring them in all seems fine , but when updating or altering or even from a fresh load , some are the right way up in object display mode but downside up , or upside down when I render - really slowing progress and I don't know if its me or the application. All help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Ola Derryl, Everybody invited to our closed group on Facebook, its easier and faster to solve problems them if someone needs help. Thanks Tom
  21. Thanks Tomas. Looking forward to the update.
  22. Ola Joseph, No stop here fixing bugs! Nothing changes for us right now in the next Apple steps, we had several delays here to solve the current Apple changes :) Thanks Tom
  23. Any news on EIAS 10? If apple goes to ARM chips what happens then?
  24. Ola Derryl, Any OS prior than Catalina works! if you have any problem after the OS update, msg me directly in the email. I dont know if you have Facebook, you can msg me there too, which is faster and I help you for sure. OS Catalina is full 64 bits, EIAS 9.1 will not work anymore there :( Thanks Tom
  25. All the new machines that I have purchased come with Catalina (10.12) and won't run EIAS. Guess I will have to keep an older machine to run it. What is the latest MacOS that EI still works on without issues? I need to render some older projects but I am stuck. Thanks. -Derryl
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