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  2. Ola my friend! Turn off Windows UAC, if not works, please, msg me, tom@eias3d.com But I guess Animator is not running as "Admin" Thanks Tom
  3. Thanks Tomas, I made all three apps 'Admin' but Animator still asks for the code and then quits every time. Renderrama and Camera open okay though.
  4. Ola my friend! Just run Animator, Camera, Rama and Slave as "Admin" on the properties. otherwise, the OS will block the apps. Thanks Tom
  5. We can't install on the new Mac OS so we are trying to install on Win 10 with bootcamp. I downloaded the win version of 9.1, the 4 drivers and the drivers for the dongle but when I open EIAS and put in the unlock code it just quits. Not sure what step I could have missed. Thanks.
  6. Ola! Really nice Nigel! Thanks Tom
  7. Hiya, I wanted to see what was possible with just a couple of hours work. I knocked up a quick room in Silo 3D and recycled stuff from other projects. Click for larger view :) Thanks, Nige.
  8. One thing i remember I was helping me at that time with rendering cropped image. Every slave get a different rendering job... Slave 1 -> from top to pixel 500 Slave 2 -> from pixel 501 to 1000 Slave 3 -> ...and so on After that i stitched them in PS It helps me out and i could use my slaves and saved render time. Maybe it will help you?
  9. Ola Nige, This natural, soft brightness feels so good! Akai
  10. Ola Nige, I just got back from drinking, and I want to sit on that couch right now! It's quintessential! Akai
  11. Akai

    Hotel room

    Ola Tomas, Listen to me, please! I I made a very big misunderstanding! And I'm sorry EIAS!!! I did a test rendering with the data I just received. It's a lot faster than I expected it to be. (Same machine - 27min 12secs) I wonder if I just made a mistake in the settings when I experimented before: .... (At that time, I was rendering for hours…) I'm going to study it properly again. My first post was a really good experience. Thank you so, so much!! Akai
  12. Ola Akai! Its always a pleasure to help :) Thanks Tom
  13. Akai

    Hotel room

    Ola Tomas, Thanks for sending me the data! This data will be very helpful to me as I grow. It's odd to ask for a new version when I'm only using old technology. Thank you so much! Akai
  14. Ola Akai! Send me a email: tom@eias3d.com I will send you the project :) open it and render. Thanks Tom
  15. Akai

    Hotel room

    Hi Tomas, Thanks for starting the test so quickly. By the way, only two lights? Cooooool! It was not a good idea to say, "I don't need to know because I won't have a chance to use it. I'll have to learn more about it. Thanks Akai
  16. Ola Akai! A simple test with Photons.. using the Geometry which represent the Lights as "Light Objects" using Photons. (I have only 2 lights in the scene). The shadows, light, reflections are more realistic, Thanks Tom
  17. Ola my friend! Igors are fully strong! we are polishing and fixing the remain bugs everyday! Set Camera 9.1 to use all threads and Memory, then use Local camera on Renderama or do a direct render without Rama, don't use the "Strips" option. We added tons of thins which we will love :) Thanks Tom
  18. Ola Tom, Great to exchange words again. I imagine the Igors are still going strong? Fingers crossed. Can you set me straight on work flow for v9.1, and OS X Sierra. I should use one slave, and the camera should get all the memory and all the threads. So it's just a way to put things in a rendering cue for the moment? I've been with Electric image since '91. So, yes, I am looking forward to v10. Cheers, Yon
  19. Hi Nige, I'm glad! I'll try to improve even more!! Akai
  20. Akai

    Hotel entrance

    Hi Nige, Thanks! Yes. I am studying photon mapping. Akai
  21. Ola my friend Nigel! Its fantastic! Tom
  22. Hey Yon and Alex! Missing you my friends! Long time we don’t speak! This reorder bug was fixed in the past but came back because the recent OS updates! Use only one Camera my friend in this case! We are adding amazing features on v10 for us.. you will love them. Thanks Tom
  23. The layer thing was to see if it was broken in that format too. With one camera it has worked great. One is the only way I've rendered for years... but now, the rendering times were getting huge, due to the desire for 3D plants. I was checking to see if this would reduce the time. Thank you for your time, speaking of it.
  24. Ah, ok, i didnt renderd to layers, i have that issue years ago with normal rendering, no layers. Did you try to render with only one camera?
  25. Hi everyone, I posted this a while back on the eias facebook page, but I have updated it since then as I didn't like the sofa. Rendered in about 3 mins. Click image for larger view. Thanks, Nige.
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