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  2. https://avtpro.gumroad.com/l/Deformer
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  4. Here's the first DVD I did. https://avtpro.gumroad.com/l/Deformer This sold well at the time. One of the goals for this was to make sure all the tricks and tips never got lost or stayed in one persons head. Anything else I find I'll post. AVT
  5. https://avtpro.gumroad.com/l/SkinMan
  6. Here it is on GumRoad. it's been several years so I dropped the price significantly. I'll load the other one soon. https://avtpro.gumroad.com/l/SkinMan
  7. Thanks Joe. I’ve been a Maya/EIAS user for years so I use both. I work as a problem-solver on the front end of a production no matter with what or where the final product is finished. (https://avtpro.gumroad.com/). Normally I rig in Maya. I hate to admit it, but when I first started rigging this project I was rushing because I had so many other parts to do. So I rigged and skinned it in Mixamo hoping to get it done quickly. Tomas once told me Mixamo is good for basic work only. Now I know what he meant. Usually Mixamo is OK for mocap but for key-framing it was problematic because Mixamo gave
  8. Ola Joseph! We are running to finish the bug fixing! Thanks Tom
  9. Looks cool! Was it rigged in EIAS too? How far is EIAS 10 in the development process at this point?
  10. Here's the latest project I worked on for Daniel Lee museum exhibition, Shuffle 2021. I modeled, textured, rigged and animated also cloth sims. I worked in Zbrush, Maya and Marvelous Designer. Then everything was passed to David Wu who polished the look with rendering and shaders in EIAS v.10 beta. He also did the music. Special Thanks to Tomas who supported the software with advanced technical features. Enjoy. Character Animation Render: https://youtu.be/dOc-nkHzxjU Snippet from Museum https://youtu.be/N4df6uVdQYg
  11. Ola Nigel! Fully agree! we don't have the sources :( Thanks Tom
  12. The conception 3 pack was amazing. It's such a shame they can't be made available. nige.
  13. Thanks, Tomas, it was worth asking, though :-) Bernd
  14. Ola Bernd! Yes, we don't own this shader, sorry my friend :( Thanks Tom
  15. Hi Tomas, I know this is going to be a necro-bump, but… I've just opened and rendered a project in EIAS v9.1, using one of the old Konkeptoine C3 shaders (simple water). I got an error message from Camera, while using the 64 bit version. Switching the camera to 32 bit solved the issue for now, and the shader rendered. I suppose a 64-bit version of these old shaders is not (or no longer) available? Thanks, Bernd
  16. Ola Derry, Nope, put in the Diffuse as always and only move the slider to 1.0 in the luminance (Shade). Hope that helps Thanks Tom
  17. Thanks Tomas, are you saying to put the shader in the Luminance/Glow / Luminance Maps only? I tried this but still see specular/light spots. I am a bit rusty with EI, just got it back up and running, thanks!
  18. Ola Derryl! Try to make your plane fully luminance, so, no shadow or specular will affect it. Thanks Tom
  19. Hello, I am trying to use some useful EI materials I have made in the past, in other programs. In my opinion Maya is sorely lacking in material creation that software like aFractal and NX has. Before these are gone forever, I would like to make permanent textures out of them. Someone had a post on how to do it but I can't find it. I think it had to do with a non-reflective plane facing the camera but I am fuzzy on how the lighting works since it has to be so even. Thanks to anyone that help. -Derryl
  20. Fantomaz, interesting anecdote, quite sorry to hear that. Thanks guys.
  21. Ola Saied! We don’t own the Amorrphium source code, I tried sometime ago to contact the developer, but he disappeared :( Thanks Tom EIAS3D Team tom@eias3d.com
  22. As far as i remember, was the guy who owns and invented the app was lost in the war of southeast of Europe twenty years back. So today no one can sell it...
  23. Lol, Hey Grasshopper. I was just talking to my friend about that. It was like an early zbrush that had potential. Last I checked this team does not own that tool.
  24. Ola Mark! We are anxious to finish it! Thanks Tom
  25. Thanks for the update, Tomas. I'm ready to upgrade to v10 as soon as it's ready!
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