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  2. Ola Maher!Your project rendered in v10, using both shaders, Wisp and Crude.ThanksTom
  3. Ola Maher! Thanks a lot.. I will test it soon! Tom
  4. Ola Tomas, In fact, I've eliminate almost all variables in my bug squashing tests. Creating a fresh new Animator project, adding just an Ubershape sphere and applying the Wisp shader is enough to guarantee a Camera crash on both my Intel Macs with 2 differents OS X. I also found that the Crust native shader had the exact same behavior than the Wisp shader... Maher
  5. Ola Joseph! We are polishing the last feature, after that only bug fixing for release.. we are working non-stop! We are anxious to finish it. Thanks Tom
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  7. Ola Maher! Could you send me a really simple project which make Camera crash with Wisp? Thanks Tom
  8. Anybody using the Wisp native shader in Animator 9.1 (Mac). Trying to render an old project and crashing the Camera 9 time on 10. No more luck trying to rebuild the scene from scratch and rendering it in 32 or 64 bits mode. Had to go back on EIAS 8.0 on my old PowerMac to succeed... Maher
  9. Ola Frank! Its secret :) Thanks Tom
  10. Hi all, just for Info and to close this thread, Tomas helped me to fix this issue and EIAS 9 runs fine in HighSierra now. He also showed me an interesting feature of EIAS 10. So stay tuned for a good news in 2020! Happy new year to all. Frankg
  11. Hi Tomas, thank you for your assistance. I will send you a message soon. Frank
  12. Hey Frank! Just read your first post! the problem is the new OS security system, please, install TeamViewer.com and msg me in private, I will remotely fix your mac :) Thanks Tom
  13. Adobe CS6 runs perfectly in HighSierra as guest OS. Bootcamp is still supported, but I don’t think I like it. I will check out why EIAS does not find that file later.
  14. So Parallels cannot emulate High Sierra in 32 bits? That's really a bummer! Does the new 16 inch Macbook Pro still support Bootcamp? I'm hoping to use that machine to run Oculus Link in order to play Rift games on the Oculus Quest. Maher
  15. Ah, *patsch* of course... Solution for now: boot in Windows (bootcamp) so it would be native, right?
  16. Yes, because Catalina is a full 64 bits OS, EIAS 9.1 still 32 bits. Thanks Tom
  17. Ok, and Catalina does not like EIAS?
  18. Because the nee 16“ MacBook Pro runs only Catalina. regards Frankg
  19. Hi Frank, why not native in High Sierra? Greetings Alex
  20. Hi, I just tried to get EIAS running in HighSierra as Guest OS in Parallels. It sees the dongle, but refuses to start with following error message: Cannot allocate needed 3D Icon "IconBody_Camera" from EI Resource folder. I looked at the resource folder the questioned file is there. Any idea how to fix? Best regards Frankg
  21. Ola Maher! Really beautiful! send me the free mini-kit link, please. Tom
  22. KB3D is offering right now a free minikit Post-Apocalypse. Maher
  23. Ola Maher, The built-ins plugins will be fine, the plug-ins we support in our website will be ported too, Blair's plug-ins are already 64, only the really old ones from other companies will not work most probably because they are 32 bits. Thanks Tom
  24. Ola Tomas, Will v10 bring any change to the use of existing 9.1 plug-ins? Incompatibilities with 64 bits plug-ins or total disparition of others parties codes... Maher
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