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    I just uploaded a video that I made 15 years ago. Because CG is always perfect and clean, I went to a plant, just before it closed for good to take hundreds of pictures for reference. I took picture of everything that is messy, rusty and dirty. This is what real life is : chaos. If anyone is interested, I still have the original high-rez pictures. I still look at them before modeling and texturing just for inspiration. 3DCG is too artificial and it is not just the model and material, the placement of stuff also. There is tons of out of place objects scattered around. If it is too boring to watch, increase the speed of the playback in youtube. https://youtu.be/KshgvU591Z0
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    Ola Tomas. Maybe you can find some middle ground between the current and LW. Maybe like formz ? Anyway, this is low priority for you now, so all good.
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    Thanks for this new email. Blair sent me the update for Big Dipper 32 bits, but on the old email, and he didn't answer me on another query because he probably don't check very often his old one. Maher
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    You did not say : not right now in 9.1 but it will in 10 Will there be another way to do it in version 10? It is not something really important, it's just that it prevent people (younger one) from working a certain way: a more modern way. Like I said, I like working in only one orthographic view that I can rotate around. Working axis aligned is not always possible either.
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    Ok, I did not know that I also had to also install both 32bit libraries on my 64bit os. The two 64 bit one were already installed. So there must be some 32bit code hidden somewhere in EIAS that it link to. Thankyou for the quick response.