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    Hiya, This was created from a photograph of a derelict shop I found online. A quarantine project :) (Click to see the full res version - the compression is terrible) Nige.
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    Hi, EIAS MDD plugin has numerical interpolation, ie you can do it much slower without jumps, can also be frozen when you like with the wonderful animatable "Time Channel" you can even export a Nth X frames in the source aplication and then interpolate in EIAS the file takes up a good bunch less memory. Bravo guys!! Here is a other little test, with the exactly same MDD data than the previous example. http://www.imago-d.org/c4des/freezing.mov Cheers Diego
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    Sure Tomas, Here 2 videos links : https://youtu.be/q1HLnWruLgI https://youtu.be/7Li9H7fYdcM
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    Hiya, I brought a set of Evermotion Blender scenes to test out Cycles (Sloooooow), I thought I'd try them in EIAS. There are a couple of UV issues but I thought it looked quite nice. You'll be pleased to know my next project is 100% me :) Thanks, Nige.
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    Hiya all, As it's a bit quite around here I'd though I'd post a scene I started to mess around with a while ago and never got around to finish. I was having trouble getting a contact shadow under the stuff on the table. Thanks, Nige.
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    Updating a couple new animation I did in EIAS the other day Pumpkin Hulk
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    Ola Nori, I am posting Chip answer, he had problems to post the attachment.. ------------------------------ Hi Nori- I looked at your chain project and have some general comments about getting Bullet to be more predictable for all simulations. The attached project file has been modified and the chain now responds as it should. Here’s my approach to all of my Bullet files: As you’ll see in the modified project file, I substituted a very simple cylinder and tube (low poly’s) for your chain segments. I only needed one model, and replicated it to form the links of a chain. I ran Bullet on the simple model, and it reacted fine. Then I simply added your high-res chain model as children to the low-res parents, and your chain segments followed the parents. Here’s my approach: My simple model only required a low poly cylinder and tube that were joined as one model. There’s no need to make the cylinder and tube smooth. You only need a few surfaces for Bullet to use to calculate the intersections of the links. I duplicated the same simple model repeatedly to form a basic chain, and added two low poly planes (just 2 polygons) on either side of the chain segments. This will keep the chain planar during it’s motion. (Remember: Once Bullet calculates the motion, the low poly models and planes will be turned off before final rendering. The link motion will be “baked” into the project file, and Bullet won’t be needed during render.) I ran the simulation on the low-poly parts (see Quicktime preview), and the chain reacted fine. Then I simply parented your high-res chain segments to the low-poly Bullet models, turned off the low poly models and your chain segments followed the baked Bullet motion. In general, always build the simplest mechanical representation of your physical model for Bullet. Avoid using your full-res models; they will often result in unpredictable results because of the difficulty of calculating the intersections of the detailed polygons. Once you have the low resolution models working in Bullet, parent the high-res models and render. Use as many deflection planes, tubes, or other objects as you need to keep your parts in place, and then turn them off after Bullet has determined the motion. If you look at the Dynamics examples on the EI website, there are many “invisible” objects that I use to keep my objects on the path I want them go. (For the Wall-E treads, there are also two planes on either side of the treads to keep them aligned.) See the attached project file. In my Selection Sets you’ll see only the low-res objects are used in the Bullet calculations, and your hi-res links simply follow their motion. Finally, alway remember to preview the motion rendering every frame. Previewing every “nth frame” causes unpredictable results. Once I got the results I wanted, I then created the final render using every 6th frame to get the chain to fall at a natural pace. I hope this helps - let me know if you have any more questions! Chip CHAIN FILES.zip
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    Hi, Has anyone had problems getting placer deposit to work in EIAS 9 or 9.1? I just cannot get it to function. It errors out, I'll post the error if anyone has experienced this before. I have approached the vendor of this plugin, they referred this back to EIAS. It has now been going on for 1 year. I have politely asked the vendor for a refund, to no avail. I am working on a Windows 7 system. If this is not a priority, that a plugin is not working on a particular system, then please give me specs on what system it does work on. The irony is that I have tried 5 various computers but none prevail. It was suggested that maybe my dongle has an issue but I just can't seem to get this tried out. I know everyone is busy but I would consider a paying customer should have some comeback on a purchased product. Please consider this in the light it is intended, to try to solve a problem not to denigrate anything or anyone associated. Please someone help me to make Placer Deposit work in EIAS 9.1 on Win 7. Kind regards,
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    Any word on getting Tailor Tool updated to work in EAIS 9? thanks, brian
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    Hi all. I whipped together another little VFX breakdown of a shot to share. Wanted to see how quickly I could create a shot from beginning to end with some character rigging and animation, cloth and dynamic sims using EIAS. About a week of work all in all. Took quite a bit of fiddling to get SimCloth to cooperate, but worked out OK in the end. Hope to upgrade to V9 soon and give Bullet dynamics a go on something like this. • Shot the plate in RAW on my BMPCC • Shot & created my own environment HDR's to match the plate • 3D Tracked in PFTrack - Camera data exported to EIAS • Character and Vehicle Rigged and Animated in EIAS • SimCloth & Rodeo • Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering in EIAS • Compositing in AE http://kevinpowellstudio.com/portfolio-item/vfx-breakdown/
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    Thanks Tomas. Looking forward to the update.
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    Ola Nige! Your renders are becoming more and more cool :) Thanks for posting! Tom
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    Hiya, If this is the Add 3D Text from within Animator, the two settings you need to lower are Max Angle and Max length when you first create the text. Cheers, Nige.
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    Ola Paul! Lets wait a bit more and you will see all features at once.. :) Most of the new features are done inside Animator to handle animations for projects like "Cliffs of Freedom" feature film. Thanks Tom
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    This is very welcome news Tomas.
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    Thanks for this new email. Blair sent me the update for Big Dipper 32 bits, but on the old email, and he didn't answer me on another query because he probably don't check very often his old one. Maher
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    Yus we can! :) I wonder what can be done to make it a viable contender. The competition is rather fierce
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    Merry Christmas everyone Mark
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    look at that. great news. with a bit a of luck we will have another socket in our tool box again. I love it when a plan comes together :-)
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    Although i am still waiting for some money before i get EIAS 10. i updated lightwave and got modo 601 back in the holiday sale. i do keep a watchful eye on EIAS V9 and still plan to update as soon as i free up the founds. now V9 got one of my wish's that was Bullet, and although soft bodies has yet to be added at lest that was a start. so here is my list for V10 there is no order to this. EIAS wish list 1) Scroll wheel support 2) Bullet soft bodies 3) A decent fracture tool like lightwaves 4) 64 bit animator sure you guys are on it. 5) improve the material editor. (i like nodes) 6) a decent particle tool set 7) build encage and proxy into the main EIAS app 8) an updated UI even 3d world review says its showing its age. 9) VPR or dynamic preview render would really help. 10) better material preview 11) Linux support (i know its not going to happen) 12) better IK rigging systems and tools for building armatures (messiah has fantastic tools for this) 13) Dongle Free EIAS. Website wish list 1) regular news updates or a blog its nice to know if you guys are still alive 2) more artist interviews talking about how and why they use EIAS. 3) Update the website with decent video tutorials even selling them if the quality is there. 4) Do an Eshop like daz for selling content (models, textures, HDRs, etc) to help generate income
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    Hi fellow EIAS Users. ;-) I would like to present thread I created on the ZBrushCentral Community Forum of a 3D modeling, rigging and character animation for Daniel Lee which heavily relied on ElectricImage for rendering, rigging and animation. They seem to have a contest so feel free to vote for my team work with David Wu who did the rendering and project supervisor. ;-) I will post images directly on this thread shortly. These are only my personal WIP images. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?199225-Museum-Merman&p=1171953&infinite=1#post1171953
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    Hi Again, It seems Amazon has upgraded their interface and setting up a slave or slaves for rendering from EIAS is very simple. I recently lost all my original setup but managed to use a template setup provided by for a re-build. 30 mins and I had a template of my own for use with any "form" of machine setup on offer. Running multiple machines is very simple. I have come back to this topic because I have been using this for quite a while now. Yes it does cost, but any render farm does. RAMA handles it beautifully. Anyway if anyone is interested or needs advice on how to get started I can explain how to set it up fairly easily. There is no fee other than what you use. FYI. I keep a "snapshot" of a machine setup on Amazon for under a dollar a Month. When I want to launch and instance of that setup, yes it costs. You can see different setup costs for varying machines here. I can keep that "snapshot" or "image" of that setup indefinitely. https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/ Be sure to click on windows, as it defaults to Linux which is much cheaper! It's the only option for "outsourced" render farm type rendering that I have found for EIAS. It works for sure. All good, cheers
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    Ola my friend! Steven, please, contact me, let's see what we can do here in the Forum to open a materials library. Sorry, if we are distant here in the forum, we are pretty busy with the next upgrade which is really complex ;) note: Foam is a particular theme which I like and I am looking these days. Thanks Tom
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    Hi I think the part about meeting people in the field is always good advice.I Don't know one person who's interested in 3d .I try to tell friends about some new feature in some software that's great from my point of view , and their reaction is I don't care about that stuff and don't want hear nothing about. Yeah I spend my time on boring things no one cares about. And that's why I'm in the forums . I think others have brought up how there use to be local user groups when computers first came out which I don't think are around that much anymore. Wouldn't it be great to have a local eias user group? How many people have a serious interest in visual effects other than just enjoying them in the shows they watch. In music , my other interest I've been a reader of keyboard magazine since it started probably 40 years ago and was looking at how many people subscribe to that mag since it's probably the best one out there, and was surprised to see only 13,000 subscribers in a world with billions of people .I feel I still learn things from every issue and find it disappointing more people don't have any interest, in making music not just listening to music. Mark
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    As usual Tomas delivers the help I needed!!! Thank You and I PROMISE TO BACK UP MY EI stuff better going forward! thank you thank you thank you! Scott
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    Exported my Zbrush character from Maya into EIAS. I used nCloth for the simulation, applied mocap in MotionBuilder, and corrected minor interpenetration in Maya. This was an MDD/vertex animation test. I didn't composite the render or fix floor contacts in EIAS. Quick to do but I'm only testing this for another project/character that has to be rendered in EIAS.
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    Hi, Has anyone managed to get EIAS working with OSX 10.9 - Maverick. I tried everything and I'm at a bit of lost to know what to do. Robert
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    Hi, thank you very much for your kind words. Please if you want to know how I did something, just ask. For the moments it is being sold on local stores and Amazon.de but will be soon in Amazon.com Cheers Diego
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    Amazing, Diego. Surely you are enjoying the work! ¡Muchas felicitaciones, quiero ser como tu cuando crezca! ;D
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    Is anyone using Yosemite yet? any issues with EAIS? brian
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    very proud to announce my \ Supernova's, 7th Emmy Awards Nomination yesterday for the animation and design work I did for the TV Station WCIU Chicago. I have been out of the TV station 'game' for about 7 years but have been very fortunate to have had my animation entered 7 times and nominated 7 times in my TV career, with multiple victories. All the 3d animation was done with EI V9.1 • especially proud to blow away the work done by Cinema 4d and Maya animators.... • I've been using EI for close to 2 decades and continue to be amazed at how good the software makes ME look. Thank you Tomas... and all involved in keeping this amazing tool relevant and powerful! with appreciation, Scott Novasic
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    In no way do I want to sound critical of EI... but there really does not seem to be an 'easy' depth of field solution in camera... I admit I'm a simpleton with this... I just one to pick a distance from the camera to the area of focus... then pick the 'size' of that area of focus.... period. I really want to incorporate more of that in my work but I'm somewhat confused on these work arounds. Fingers crossed on the next V of EI.
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    I don't know if EIAS 9.1 works on Yosemite … I wrote to Tomas and he said that he hadn't tested it yet, but probably works fine. I've been running 10.9.5 with both EIAS 9.1 and FormZ 7 and they work perfectly. I won't upgrade to Yosemite until I know that FormZ 7 works on it, and not sure if and or when that will happen. A few other people mentioned the same thing to the FZ folks on their forum and they are going to look into it … but that FormZ 8 works (just not for us EIAS users without the updated FACT export plugin).
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    Hi Everyone, I found this link a while ago when trying to get a handle on pricing for the architectural work I do. I am posting the link to help anyone who is having the same drama I was regarding pricing specific to your geographical region. More to the point I suppose is what are people in your geographical location willing to pay for your work. Sorry if this had been posted here before. http://www.cgarchitect.com/2009/11/cgarchitect-2009-industry-survey-results---spotlight-on-the-future-of-the-architectural-visualization-industry Michael
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    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5048027/9.mov Playing around w the latest blobmaker. Loving the latest gradient shader as it can do so much.
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    Sorry Tomas. Ok so if you want to replace a texture on a group / object. If you already have the texture applied eg: 'brick 01.img.' It would be nice to edit that texture brick 01.img (in PSD or whatever) then save it as different file as 'brick 02.img.' Then when back in EIAS hit replace texture it would go straight to that existing texture. So basically it is the same as right clicking and using "show in finder / explorer"...that does go to the existing texture path! As it is now replace defaults to the last save / render path. Ok 2.7 didn't have 'replace' but it did always default the same texture path. So when working through a project and experimenting with textures, hitting replace texture takes you directly to that texture. Therefore an obvious place for the revised texture is in the same folder as the existing texture or close to that folder. As it is now my last render file path would be the default path when i try to replace a texture and in turn I have to navigate to the texture I want. Perhaps there is an EIAS preference setting I'm not seeing or my workflow is incorrect. Thanks again,
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    :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :) EIAS…Please consider re-offering the entire Paralumino Plugin line to the public.
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    Ola Hurricane! Right now, the latest installers I have from Blair: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gq1q5ljpeho0php/Northernlights3D_Installers64_bit.zip Thanks Tom
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    Scott, while all the formats Tom mentioned will probably work, there's another way which seems pretty unknown to most of the C4D (and EIAS) user community: As of 2012 or 2013 (not sure about the exact release date) Okino PolyTrans is able to read and write native C4D files (the only application apart from C4D itself), as well as FACT files (which it always did). Maybe worth a test, as it provides the use of native model files in both directions. I'm sure there are some parameters or conversion settings to be tested, but I was very excited to hear these news from Robert (Okino). Bernd
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    This is the goods in file!
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    How about a EIAS10 promotion this year instead ......<ever the optimist Xx
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    Ok. I've discovered that I can open the resultant DOF.psd file in Animator and change it's gamma to 2.2 (in my case) and it shows a correct image. Now how do I save this as a readable file out of Animator? I do an image "save as" which gives me no file format options, and it is an unreadable file into Photoshop. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Available Freebies updates for EIAS v9 - Path2Line 32/64 bits - Download - WireMaker 32/64 bits - Download Thanks EIAS3D team
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    Ola Vic, Camera will share the memory across the cores, sure, if you have more memory, you will be able to render more with Camera 64. :) Thanks Tom
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    Ola David! Your test was done in your local Camera with 16 threads in 17 minutes ok? If you setup to render directly in Local Camera without Rama, How many time per frame? In the local Camera, Are you using 32 or 64 bits? Now, the second machine, the slave, How many cores? 32 bits or 64 bits? Thanks Tom
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    Hey Rich! This is a amazing idea! I heard about Kickstarter a month ago!! great to have projects like yours! Thanks Tom
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    Ola my friends, We really would like to make the world pay more attention on us. It is why we just released our new EIAS3D Vimeo Channel and our new Electric Image Animation System - Video Tutorials Group on Vimeo which will be a place to discuss our EIAS tutorials.. http://vimeo.com/channels/eias http://vimeo.com/groups/eias All users are invited to join us and dont forget to show us your latest work via our FTP site, so, we can submit to Vimeo and our EIAS3D gallery. Lets make EIAS more and more powerful!!!! Thanks EIAS3D team
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