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    NX shading system for v2014 (for EIAS Mac & PC) now Multi-theaded & 64 Bits render, order in http://www.eias3d.com/ or get your for free update in triade@triade.es
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    Hello, now it is solved the issue of export of MDD from C4d to EIAS, works perfectly with Cloth, Morph and Deformers and all PLA animation. A friendly Cinema4d User made a video for me showing the process, I recommend downloading, you will be happy Tom:) http://www.orestisc.eu/mdd_baking.zip In "MDDIO configuration" had to check "Bake RTS" and scale adjustement to "1" in order to have a proper import in EIAS. And finally you can use the native C4D OBJ exporter as well. Here is the thread at CGTalk: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=6367678#post6367678 Here a little test with the results: www.imago-d.org/c4des/MDDtest.mov Diego
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    Students of the Leningrad University in Russia had contacted me because they're doing a adaptation of a science-fiction novel from a well known Russian writer. They are on a thight budget for their project and they «borrowed» an auto-gyro Calidus like mine from a russian owner because it look like futuristic enough technology and could be used to do some ground scenes. They learned about my 3D model that I've modeled from Rhino 3D and rendered in EIAS for some painting tests and they ask me if they can use it for some 3D space scenes. I'm glad to share it with them if it can help, but since all texturing and lighting was done in EIAS, the Rhino file will only give them geometry. If they download the trial version of EIAS, will they be able to use my EIAS scenes (involving no plug-ins)? And what are the limitations of the trial version (other than the no plug-ins part) like limits in term of resolution or duration length for animations? Watermarking? Will I be able to open their tweaked files with my dongle protected version of EIAS if they need rendering horsepower or plug-ins add-on? This is clearly on a basic non-commercial purpose. No one is being paid for their contribution to this students project. Thanks, Maher
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    Hi All We're working with MDD import for EI. It's designed as a free plug-in, EI8 compatible. We hope to finish it in first half of February. Although mdd format is pretty simple, we've some problems caused by FACT data representation is different compare to others apps. Thus your help would be very wanted. For testing we need: 1) mdd files 2) corresponded FACT files Note that "1" makes no sense without "2" because mdd stores vertices but nothing more. The FACT should be a single file that corresponds exactly to one of mdd frames (typically first). Thanks EIAS3D Team
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    Ola, Fun test btw :) Thanks Tom
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    Hi everyone, First and foremost, these forums are for product discussion. Discussion of politics, religion and sex are not allowed and posts containing such material will be removed. Personal attacks will not be tolerated; users may be banned for breaching these rules. If you have any complaints about any threads, please PM a moderator and appropriate action will be taken. Thanks for you time, The 
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    Hi Tomas and all.... checking in to see if there is any news on a V10 or V9.5 or EIAS or any other announcements or hints that could be shared with us... Thank You Scott
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    Oh also, Another great feature I love is that you can control how procedural shaders and textures preview in the Camera View window. Under Display in the objects attributes you now have the option of 'Display Diffuse Textures','Shade Textures (Phong Only)' and 'Display Procedural Thumbnail'. I tend to turn on all except 'Display Procedural Thumbnail' which makes for an excellent Camera View setting. Michael
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    Hi, I just ordered a new MacBookPro with lots of fast Ram, new CPU and SSD storage. I am quite looking forward to improving my pipeline with this acquisition. Then, I realize it will be running Maverick... Hummm, I usually wait before migrating to a new OS, I have seen the Lion patch topic a few times on this forum. What are the plans for Maverick? I would love to get decent rendering speed away from our render farm. Even if Camera is fast, it's not always enough. Christian
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    Hi All, I am trying out the demo version 9 and the install required an installation code (three tries). I have two licenses and dongles for v8, thus I have two installation codes. I types in one of these and it didn't work... am I doing right? Thanks! Richard
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    Hi, i just testing my new Mac pro and installing EIAS 8, but EIAS_8_Lion_OSX_Dongle_Installer doesn't work in OS X 10.9.2... or i'm missing something? BTW, the purple dongle works in this machine? Thanks a lot. FelixCat
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    Greetings. Was going through all the ads online and off gazing at all the Black Friday deals. Soooo just wondering about EIAS ??? Ok just kiddin ..... LOL Happy thanksgiving to all
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    Hi. Great to have importing MDD file format. Something that could be useful too is exporting MDD. Maybe i´m saying nosense but i was thinking in export an animation from EiAS in MDD. Strip all the bones and etc from the model and apply the MDD file backit as a baked animation... may this reduce the calculation times in rendering?... Just thinking aloud. FelixCat Hi, I just posted this in the TAFA forum, to Mac Reiter, the TAFA creator... Hi, MAC The MDD import in EiAS3D works pretty well, when you have a Mac TAFA count me in! Thinking aloud and messing with other people´s business... I think if TAFA and EiAS could have a more strong relationship could make a good business sense: Besides his strong hard surface rendering caracteristics, EiAS has many and severe weakness in the character animation side, the facial morphing is horrendous and there is my interest in TAFA, if TAFA have a strong interoperativity with EiAS (even the hability of reading Fact format) I think could be great for both. A number of new users for TAFA in Mac and PC and better posibilities for EiAS3D in the market expanding his field of action. Both are little companies ruled by the people that makes posible the app, and that is a strong point... Sorry for my bad english. FelixCat P.S. I will paste this post in the EiAS3D forum... maybe useful.
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    Hello All, I wanted to present the latest work in which I have been involved the last year and a half. _We made a 50 minutes 3D blu ray disc fully rendered in EIAS. _We are also producing now a Planetarium Show 360 degrees full dome rendering with the same content. _A 4 K's version is on the way. Please take a look to some samples: http://www.lichtmond.com/clips.phpi I wanted to acknowledge the constant help and support I have received from Tomas Egger, The Igors and all EIAS Team. All this work is being done with a 10 Pc's i7 renderfarm. And some Macs for the scene creation. The release was in October 10 and we are already n1 in sales in Germany and Austria. Enjoy it! Cheers Diego
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    i have not done Broadcast TV work in years but my old CSD from Fox Chicago, now with WCIU hired me in January to work with him to re do his entire stations look and about 2 hours ago... I watched on TV as we won. Category 23 Animation, Art Direction Graphic Design... I did 95% of the animation... probably roughly 75% of the design... and an in house artist did some of the last minute add ons. RARELY does one artist do something this large alone... but this came pretty close to that. All rendered in EI with some 'frosting' on things in AE... but the music and everything else was just great. I could NOT have done as much work so fast with any other software! Thank YOU EI Team for helping ME look good!
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    amazingly averaged around 60 seconds a frame or less at times.... 1920 x 1080 start to finish done in 4 days.
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    Ola my friends, Sunrise, FL – November 6, 2012 EIAS3D has just released version 9 of the Electric Image Animation System (EIAS v9). This new version is available for immediate download. EIAS v9 is the first release from EIAS3D, and is the first step in making the Electric Image Animation System faster, more robust, and easier to use. Long-term EIAS customers will experience a remarkable performance improvement in their existing projects. New customers will find that v9 is as powerful as it is easy-to-learn. The famous software that made numerous key moments possible in Hollywood movies is now in its 9th major version. Well-regarded for its rendering speed and render quality, EIAS v9 has important new features and key technologies that are in the links below: EIAS 9 Animator Feature List EIAS 9 Camera Feature List Thanks a lot EIAS3D team
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    Is it necessary to output the morph models from Maya ? It would seem I only need to bake or cache the main model? I'm outputting MDD files from Maya to EIAS and I have a 3 morphs for the shape of the eye blinks. Do I need to output the targets as well and group them in the MDD Plugin inorder for the effect to carry over into EIAS? The blink looks curved in Maya but in EIAS crosses through the eye in a linear interpolation.
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    Hi, EIAS MDD plugin has numerical interpolation, ie you can do it much slower without jumps, can also be frozen when you like with the wonderful animatable "Time Channel" you can even export a Nth X frames in the source aplication and then interpolate in EIAS the file takes up a good bunch less memory. Bravo guys!! Here is a other little test, with the exactly same MDD data than the previous example. http://www.imago-d.org/c4des/freezing.mov Cheers Diego
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    This is just the Basics, doesn't get into reflections, refractions, specular setings.
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    I may have solved this... I am exporting a model out of Modo and I think the UV's are not exporting correctly - I am trying to get the UV's right and I will try it in blob maker to see if it works thanks! brian
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    Ola Scott! We are working like nuts in the next upgrade, its going fine, several features already added, I hope to give a hint later. We are in the middle of a complex implementation right now..!! Thanks Tom
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    I am a lotto player, and the first thing after winning the jackpot is: making a user meeting for all these tough guys and girls (of us) on my cost! Have i said, that dreaming is one of my favorite doing? (Just like W. Disney: if we can dream it, we can make it) Someday..... Alex
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    Ola my friends, We are please to announce that EIAS3D is now developing, supporting and selling the following core group of tools formerly distributed by Konkeptoine. http://www.eias3d.com/products/konkeptoine-plugins/ http://www.eias3d.com/buy-now/konkeptoine-plugins-and-shaders/ All users are invited to take a look on Konkeptoine samples. Lets make EIAS more and more robust!!!! Thanks EIAS3D team
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    Ola Felix, MDD export to improve a baked workflow to EIAS internal render is interesting.. we need to think more. about TAFA, I need to research more.. Thanksss Tom