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    Nice article about the evolution of ILM's animatics process and its role in The Phantom Menace (by the way, the website it appears on, beforesandafters.com, is a real treasure trove of VFX articles including old stuff like "Speed" or "The Mummy"). ‘IT COST ABOUT $65 TO HAVE A COLD PIZZA DELIVERED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO SKYWALKER RANCH’ (I hope this is the appropriate subforum to post it in :)
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    Hi mates After some years out of 3d world, I have booked for a bit of time to make a small video. Hope U like it Alberto
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    Sure Tomas, Here 2 videos links : https://youtu.be/q1HLnWruLgI https://youtu.be/7Li9H7fYdcM
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    Hiya, I brought a set of Evermotion Blender scenes to test out Cycles (Sloooooow), I thought I'd try them in EIAS. There are a couple of UV issues but I thought it looked quite nice. You'll be pleased to know my next project is 100% me :) Thanks, Nige.
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    Hiya all, As it's a bit quite around here I'd though I'd post a scene I started to mess around with a while ago and never got around to finish. I was having trouble getting a contact shadow under the stuff on the table. Thanks, Nige.
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    Hi all, just for Info and to close this thread, Tomas helped me to fix this issue and EIAS 9 runs fine in HighSierra now. He also showed me an interesting feature of EIAS 10. So stay tuned for a good news in 2020! Happy new year to all. Frankg
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    Hey Frank! Just read your first post! the problem is the new OS security system, please, install TeamViewer.com and msg me in private, I will remotely fix your mac :) Thanks Tom
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    I bought yesterday the kitbash3D SF prop kit called «Greebles». For only $45, it's an incredible value. If one of you ever go for it, be aware that I have created independent EIAS animator files for each objects after working tediously to recreate correctly (as best as I could) all the textures and materials. The only non native plug-in used is MForge. There is a lot less textures in that kit then in the CyberPunk mini kit so it was a fairly straightforward process. I'm doing now the same EIAS importation for the free CyberPunk minikit. Doest anyone know what is the equivalent in Animator for a roughness texture file? Thanks, Maher
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    Ola Paul! Lets wait a bit more and you will see all features at once.. :) Most of the new features are done inside Animator to handle animations for projects like "Cliffs of Freedom" feature film. Thanks Tom
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    Color and displacement maps of the moon here, if you are not already aware : https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4720 Maher
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    Ola Steve! Will be a pleasure to have you back! Thanks Tom
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    Hi Tomas, Yes, I'm doing OK and hoping I'll be in a position to use EIAS again some day. I'm just lurking for now. :)
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    This is very welcome news Tomas.
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    Ola my friend! Yes, we are already aware! Thank you very much for your link! Are you fine? Tom
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    Thomas, waiting is killing me :i. Give me a chance to pay and I want V10 now .... : D Burney
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    Can´t wait, Tomas- I´m very interested in the new features, my credit card is ready :D FelixCat
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    I have seen the recent Paul Sherstovitof new images and the beautiful light that can get... could be possible with the EiAS renderer? i dont know if you are improving the renderer for this EiAS 10. Thanks for your time Felix
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    Discussion helped me as well, thanks a lot.
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