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  1. Hello Christian, Here is the screenshot of what I was telling you (I was referring to the second menu, not the first): Thanks, S.
  2. Hello, AE since CS3/CS4 has some misunderstanding of EIAS frame rates sometimes (most of the time from files which have been rendered through Renderama and stitched together). To prevent that you have to import files in AE by the open window set to "All files" and manually set the file format to "IMAGE ElectricImage". AE should then read the file frame rate precisely and load them in the informations shown when you just click the file once in the Project window. Hope it will help. Keep me inform if this answer doesn't do the trick. S.
  3. Hello Mat, I'm not from London but from Paris/France. I'm a longtime EIAS/AE user since 1997 (and Modo since some time too), so if you need some help on future productions, please feel free to ask. Here is my website : http://www.guet-apens.com where you will find some works all done on EIAS. And you can contact me directly : scrouzet at guet-apens.fr. I won't been available for the next 12 days though. Stephane CROUZET
  4. Hello Shane, My name is Stephane CROUZET and I am a motion graphic designer working in 2D/3D from AE/EIAS since 1997. I live in France and will be pleased to offer you some help on next productions. You can visit my website here : www.guet-apens.com to see some works. You can contact me directly for further informations : scrouzet at guet-apens.fr Thanks, S.
  5. Hello Gigayoda, I can only answer you on the robot work as I have done it. If my memory is OK, I have made the animation by only rendering one big image of the model which had the Cell Shader applied to it and the Silhouette Outlines activated in the Material parameters. This image have been then imported inside Illustrator to autotrace all the curves, then each curves has been copy-paste to After Effects masks to allow me to animate the path creations. I used these paths to reveal the original image. All other movements are AE base. Your work seems complex but EIAS has certain possibilities by using these tools (Cell Shader + Outline). You can't follow my pipeline because it is way to long, but try to make some tests inside EIAS to see if you are able to do what you want directly from the application. Have some fun. S.
  6. + "MDD Export" to be able to add some extra animations or render certain parts of models or scenes in other applications. + A complete "Baking System" to be able to export cameras or objects included constraints ones. + A more robust "Deformation System" with gradients to control how deformation regions ended (Fall-Offs). + A simple "Copy-Paste System" for Keyframes inside a selected Channel or from one Channel to another. + "Sliders" and "Link Control between Channels" for Rigging purposes.
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