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  1. Thanks Greg, Yes I see Fbx does work in general but not from the latest version of speedtree in my tests up to now. I can take the speedtree fbx to polytrans and re-export to fbx and it will then import. Only problem seems to be the vertex count changing on import to EIAS for some reason. If I understand MDD correctly, it holds animation for each vertex/point in the mesh, so the mesh needs the same or maybe a very close vertex count. The preview in Ei shows it working as it should, but only with a display of points. If the import would keep the vertex count from speedtree, this would b
  2. Hey Has anyone been able to import SpeedTree trees with animation? The MDD plug would do it perfectly but I'm having trouble getting a mesh with a matching vertex count into EI.... It's wierd as Max and Polytrans both show the same vertex count needed as shown in the MDD export but EI always shows a few hundred too many. If anyone's had success it would be great to know your workfow! Al
  3. I've got to second the praise for AVT's rigging DVD. You not only get a great rig with nice control, you learn about the rigging process enough to solve your own problems. Invaluable!
  4. I think this would be really handy - a little drop down menu in the G.I panel where you can save and name settings for use with different scenes within the same project. Or lets go crazy, how about an import too. It could go right next to the exclude set drop down, they would get on so well there.
  5. Yes, it can be a pain that one. I suppose you could maybe use labels or add the objects to a selection set and re-select them that way.....May not always help but depends on what you doing I suppose? Not sure if you know but you can change the structure of the list too with the drop down using the very top left icon, this can sometimes help finding things....
  6. Ahh, I didn't catch that you had parked the objects. Ok, so yes you are getting your numbers with position constraint. Another way to do this is to parent all your parked objects that you would like the world positions of - to a null, then un parent them and you will get world positions back for every object. Is this what you need?
  7. Are you selecting the objects you would like at a certain frame and then going - Object menu - export object - native fact?
  8. Best idea I've heard in a while! Reminds me a bit of the old website Electro303, it was great while it was around. One of the biggest inspirations to myself was the workflow breakdowns from Cristobal Vila while he still used Ei. He made me believe anything is possible. While tutorials are good, to expand like this woud be invaluable for everyone.
  9. I did try one IK from start to end first but it was not giving enough rotation at each link. The only way I could find that it would act like a chain was to add an IK for every link and parent them all to the very last IK and this is the set up here. ****While just writing this reply I thought to check the project again and realized that I actually had animated a few IK handles separately to keep the curvature of the chain and they where buried away in the chain hierachy(this project was started weeks ago). So all ok, repeating these frames too now works! Thanks for your time AVT.
  10. Hi Has anyone had a problem like this before? I need to basically animate a chain, so have used a length of bones and it works well after a lot of testing. The way that worked the best was to add some stiffness to the Y rotation instead of using limits. I just made 3 seconds of what was needed and thought to just change hold to repeat keyframes in the function curve but after the first 3 seconds, the stiffness value seems to stop having an affect. Take a look - https://www.dropbox.com/s/df121npv55dfoqw/chain.mp4?dl=0 I've tried even copying keyframes in the list and t
  11. Any news on an update Tomas? This is such a useful tool!
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