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  1. Happy New year! So, I recently tried to import a Human model obj. into Eias 8 and it did not bring in the uvs for some reason, which made applying the map impossible. I could not check use uvs in the group info box. It was greyed out. This is what I did: 1.I imported the file( https://www.food4rhino.com/resource/mei-posed-001) into EIAS 9 DEMO. and applied the map in there. 2. I reexported the model as a validated fact file which gave me the UVS in version 8, but the map still did not apply properly in version 8 for some reason. 3. I had to save the material from version 9 demo as well and then apply that in version 8. Finally, it worked!
  2. joseph56

    Feature Road Map

    Molten GL might be something that could work on top of Metal. https://moltengl.com/moltengl/ There's a video here: https://cdm.link/2018/06/apple-to-open-source-cross-platform-gpu-tech-drop-dead/
  3. joseph56

    Feature Road Map

    Here's some more info: https://www.extremetech.com/computing/270902-apple-defends-killing-opengl-opencl-as-developers-threaten-revolt If developers do revolt, it could be a real disaster for 3d on the mac. It sounds like a misguided idea, that will screw up a lot of games and apps. So the plan is to replace it all with Metal?
  4. joseph56

    Crumbling Monster in EIAS

    Came in rather nicely!
  5. joseph56

    Reduce polygon count

    There's also Lightwave 30 day demo which has this: https://docs.lightwave3d.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1856437
  6. joseph56

    Chris E

    I don't have this problem at all in EIAS 8 in the texture map window. I'm using Sierra on a MacMini.
  7. joseph56

    development news or updates?

    Any teasers for the next release? I see Lightwave has finally released something new. It looks like Daz may be making a 64 bit version of Hexagon and it will be completely free.
  8. Aha! Does that possibly mean a new particle system?:)
  9. joseph56

    displacement mapping

    Would the Dicer plugin be useful here? In other words, let the plugin increase the resolution of the sphere?
  10. joseph56

    Modeler for windows installer

    Much appreciated!
  11. Where can I download the installer for the old modeler for windows? I can't seem to find it. I'm trying to see how well the modeler works in windows 7 or 10. It works fine in XP in Parallels on a mac, but that was an old install I did.
  12. I had EIAS 8 working in parallels but the whole Windows went went belly up. Had to reinstall XP. Now I get an error messaage: The configuration is incorrect. Modeler is working. i'm using SP 3.
  13. joseph56

    Is there a dongle installer for windows?

    EIAS Animator 8 also works well with no screen redraw glitches. The rendering is just slightly slower than on the Mac. Daz programs that don't work in Yosemite like Carrara 7 Pro and Bryce 6.3 both work very well. I got a Pc bench mark tool and the overall performance of Parralels is similar to say a low cost Dell laptop or similar. Overall it's not bad at all.
  14. joseph56

    Is there a dongle installer for windows?

    Looks like it works! How cool is that? I'm using the late 2014 2.6 ghz macmini to run it. A bit finicky to set up in Parallels but once Parallels sees the dongle it seems to work pretty well.
  15. Trying an experiment where I try to get modeler to run in xp in parallels to see if it can work okay. Xp says I need the hardware driver? I take it I have to install the dongle driver of some kind?