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  1. vrusch

    Got you all beat!!

    Well done, Steven ! I updated the correct number of cameras in the performance sheet. Here's the direct link to the page : http://www.silverbullet3d.com/eias_benchmark Cheers, Bert.
  2. vrusch

    cool site!

    Obrigado !
  3. vrusch

    cool site!

    Ola Tom, I tried uploading some images to the folder called "Arists Gallery work", but for some reason the ftp server doesn't allow me to create a folder with my name. Could you explain to me how this works exactly ? Cheers, Bert Vrusch
  4. vrusch

    cool site!

    Ola new EIAS3d team ! I like the new logo (with the butterfly) very much. A very modern look but still strong and professional. Excellent work. The complete new website looks solid. I think the amount and quality of the gallery images, will certainly convince new users to buy. Compliments to everybody for this great accomplishment. Cheers, Bert.
  5. vrusch

    Where to find this specific 3d scene ?

    Hi Michael, I noticed the smoothing "problem" as well, in many objects in the scene. Unchecking the "smoothing across" box is a great help. Do you (or anyone else) know, how you have to proceed if you want to do this operation for let's say 25 objects at once ? Or do I have to uncheck them one by one ? Regards, Bert.
  6. vrusch

    Where to find this specific 3d scene ?

    Michael, As always, you are faster than lightning ... The image looks really nice ! Could you match the camera's perspective a bit more to equal the original treddi.com image ? It would be nice to do some image comparison. Oh, and yes, much appreciated if you could make the project available for download. Cheers, Bert.
  7. vrusch

    Where to find this specific 3d scene ?

    Hi Tom, Thanks for investigating. I invested another hour this morning and I finally found a working link. I was right. This was a light tutorial from 2005, done by somebody from Italy at the treddi.com forum. I just found it 10 minutes ago, so I need some time to read all the threads. If I can find any spare time, I will try and make an EIAS project version out of this. This should be interesting. I am still on EIAS 7, and would like to see some results from you guys, using the EIAS 8 version. http://www.treddi.com/forum/topic/8436-interior-lighting-in-mental-ray/ For anyone out there interested, here are the scene files : http://www.treddi.com/upload/tutorial/dagon_mentalray/tut_jap_obj.zip http://www.treddi.com/upload/tutorial/dagon_mentalray/tut_jap_mb.zip http://www.treddi.com/upload/tutorial/dagon_mentalray/tut_jap_3ds.zip To be continued ... Cheers, Bert.
  8. Hi Guys, On the web, I keep bumping into this oriental 3d rendering of a specific room. It seems to be a reference scene that was being used to compare GI renderings on different platforms / applications. But maybe I am wrong, and this was just done by one 3d artist. Does anyone know, if and where I could download this 3d scene ? It looks japanese. I would like to do a render in EIAS. Cheers, Bert.
  9. vrusch

    Global Illuminated flythru

    I agree with monday, let's do a small tutorial please ...
  10. vrusch

    Phantom of the Opera

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share a project I collaborated on last summer. The 3D artwork I delivered was part of a pitch presentation, performed by a dutch studio for Mr Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. His famous phantom team is currently looking into ways to replace physical stage props by 3D projections. Image Nr. 2 and 4 were done in EIAS Image Nr. 1 and 3 were done in Maya http://www.silverbullet3d.com/phantom/ There were more 3D stage sets that were rebuilt, but not mentioned on this page (yet). Cheers, Bert.
  11. vrusch

    Cristobal Vila's latest work

    Cristobal is such a perfectionist in all of his work ! He's not afraid to learn another big app or tool if it adds quality to his project. I like that approach. Bravo, Cristobal.