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  1. kikems

    Mac or PC

    We always use windows machines for the render farm, more cheap option to try to make Mac render farm :D But for make the projects we use Mac.
  2. kikems

    Mac or PC

    If you think that PC have more speed with EIAS it's possible that your PC hardware is more modern than your Mac hardware. A proccesor like i7 or i5 is more powerfull and optimized than a Xeon or dualcore per unit Mhz
  3. I have all AVT DVDs and it's a great learning resource for animation and rig characters on EIAS.
  4. I'm always have a black color inside object that use aSem in Xray mode with some transparency using material window values.
  5. interesting and free solution for trees.
  6. Thanks, it's only phong shading with two lights. Fassssstt render in HD, around 7-10 sec/frame.
  7. In two days i'll post some finished anims.
  8. Some test for my actual work in progress.
  9. i'm testing with ei9 and aSem shader with Xray to archive attach image effect ( image of aSem manual ), it's suppose to XRay mode control diffuse channel and clip channel, but i can´t make object transparent like attached image, without use transparent or dissolve control of EI material. Anyone can test with aSem in Xray mode?
  10. Here the link to the app for Mac and PC. http://www.aqf3d.com/apps/LW2EIASCamMotion_v2.zip
  11. This app it's ussefull to sync EI with Vue camera motion, exporting Vue to Lightwave Scene format and convert it to EIAS
  12. I'd make a free app for EIAS users to convert Lightwave Camera motions to EIAS Camera Motions. It's very usefull if you want to import camera tracking motions form any Tracking App that export in Lightwave Scene format. It's avariable for MacPPC, MacUB and Windows. If some one want this app, please email me. Attached an screenshot.
  13. You need install "Microsoft visual c++ 2008 sp1 redistributable package x86" library. This solve the problem for me. Remember that you need install quicktime too.
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