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  1. Hi Frank, Thanks for your response HI Ton, place them into the EI-Sockets-folder inside the EIAS-application-folder. Restart EIAS and they should be in the Plug-ins menu. Good luck Regards Frankg
  2. Hello, How do I instal the plug-ins files .plm and rsc. I have the plug in Rodeo and SlimClote, but how do I get it in the plug-in menu of EIAS Thanks, Ton
  3. Yes, SolidWorks / 3Dvia are the programs that i use. more info about BOM on the webite down below http://files.solidworks.com/video/tour/PDM_IAT-33.html
  4. It would be very helpful when the BOM can be viewed in EIAS. This makes navigating in the 3D project easier Part and number selection, hide parts etc. Is there a plug-inn for this Ton
  5. Hi, I have a native file from SolidWorks convertered to .obj With AutoDesk converter too fbx. Importing in EI is oke, but there are still some parts grouped. Navigating: in the BOM tree (Bill off Material/Parts) , is this possible in EI. Or is there a plug inn for this. Ton
  6. Hi Ross, I have downloaded the FBX converter (for windows) can you tell the settings in this program, FBX save Mode Binary or ASCII Ton
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