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  1. Thanks, your'e the master :D
  2. I need a copy of EIAS 9 for Windows, where can I get it. I need it, because 9.1 does not work with Windows XP, and I lost my copy. Any help? Thanks
  3. Thanks, but I am using windows XP professional 64, and it doesn´t gives me that option.
  4. Tried it, and still the same problem. Any ideas?
  5. Hmmm, I only installed 2, the x64 ones, I am a mac only guy, I´ll try it. thanks
  6. Hi, I am traying to use a windows 64 professional box as a slave, when I try to start renderama slave, I get the message "path....Renderama slave.exe is not a valid win32 application." Does anyone knows what is the solution to this.
  7. Where could I find the download for PC slaves EIAS 9, I cannot find it. Thanks
  8. Thank you, received it quite early today.
  9. Hi, I just bought (using paypal) an upgrade from EIAS 8 to 9, what do I do now? I've already downloded the installer. When do I get my authorization code. Thanks
  10. I performed the new installation, everything works fine, thank you.
  11. Ok, I will download it, I will let you kmow. thanks
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