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  1. This is the time to go ahead with suggestions that could make the EIModeler the best tool for our needs. I worked with FormZ and Silo and both had quirks in exporting to Fact. No tool is perfect but if we all pitch in, the Modeler could be the tool we need. Like the song said: ...You can't always get what you wantYou can't always get what you wantBut if you try sometimes (and pitch in) you might findYou get what you need!
  2. Kishore Mulchandani posted this on Facebook: "Folks, I am currently engaging in reviving the EIModeler. I'd like to get feedback on focusing the development efforts and would appreciate if you could fill out a survey for me. If you are interested, could you message me your email address? Upon receiving the address I will send you link to an online survey. Thanks for your time." If you are interested in helping please contact him at the following address: info@moolean.com Thanks for your help!
  3. http://electro303.paralumino.com/electro303/02-tech/Tutorial_bank/tips001-030/tips026/tips026-US.html
  4. Bloddy right it deserve to be shown here! Very nice work, thanks for sharing.
  5. Take care that the horizon in the picture matches the one in your scene. Could be my eyes but it seems a little off.
  6. A very interesting article that ends with two extremely important words: "and share" Never forget those words, this is how we all grow.
  7. Hey Nige, there is a leg missing on your chair…! Kidding… Nice job and you're right, blurred reflections are great!
  8. Like Tom, my favourites are 5 and 6! As we seemly have the same taste, I shall keep him away from my wife… I cannot register to vote. All the email address I try are refused…?
  9. You've done it, got a shard of glass in my eye! Good job!
  10. You still enjoy it, it shows. Keep having fun and entertain us!
  11. A lesson in choosing the right tool for the best workflow! The final product is a work of art. Congrats!
  12. Same to you my friends! Have fun with your beautiful family Alex! @Bernd: I love the card… Silence is often the most beautiful gift! Happy Holidays to all!
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