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  1. Looks Nice Nigel, Arer you aware of the layer rendering in EIAS. Considering post production on the image.
  2. Thanks Akai, EIAS has some very useful tools and there is a life form in Australia and Asia as well. ......Waiting Tomas!! :-) Camera matching is a tool that, for Arch Viz, and that seems to be your direction, that EIAS has, and stands apart from recent apps. I use other apps for rendering now/mostly but I always use EIAS for setting up a virtual camera to match a physical camera. Still baffles me why other GPU based Arch Viz apps cannot include an Alpha chanel, a diffuse and a focal length but still want to charge excess Euros for an upgrade! LOL Keep posting the great
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes Tomas, I hope you and yours are all well. Polishing, great to hear! Gotta bit of tarnish over here! :-) Health and luck. Best regards,
  4. Hi Akai, Very nice image. Is this the image straight from EIAS or is there some post process? Reason I ask is the light bulb flares. Curious how that was done if in EIAS. I also find EIAS a bit lacking with metallic materials, it'd be nice if the displacement map had some affect on the reflection. Once again though, really nice image. Thanks for sharing. Tomas, update? ;-)
  5. Uncheck UV's in the "model window". Not just the "texture window". Import the model again, uncheck UV's in the "model window" and then apply the texture. It will then default to model space. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Bernhard, Are you using .img file format? I think it should be told that 9.1 cannot display textures above (what size please Tomas)? In the texture windows OS especially. When it will be fixed.
  7. G'Day Al, Email Robert Lansdale at Okino. He is very helpful and would more than likely know the PolyTrans export procedure. As for straight out of SpeedTree to EIAS. 9.(1)......? Someone suggested going through MoBu with .fbx to EIAS was the better way. But that was back in V8 and 9 of EIAS. I'm really not sure nowadays. Good luck with the tests.
  8. Hey Al, I tried this a while back using .fbx and got it kind of working in EIAS. The animation worked but it was not quite right. Sorry but this was not my thing at the time so most problems were most likely my fault. The reason I am answering is just to inform you of using .fbx from Speedtree into EIAS. It works. I have not used the MDD plug. Pretty vague answer but maybe it will help!
  9. I am sure there will be a much better answer along shortly as this is not my area; but couldn't you keyframe the geometry of the object from solid to dissolved (and visa versa) in the Geometry tab of the object?
  10. Hi, With the latest update of FormZ you export directly to Sketchfab via the "extensions" menu tab. Just setup your account with Sketchfab and input the required fields directly in FMZ, opens auto in your browser. Works very well. Glad to hear it was helpful.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds as though you want the client to be able to "spin" the model around zoom etc. in an interactive way. We send our models straight out of our modelling package to Sketchfab, an online interactive viewer. https://sketchfab.com/ It's free and very useful. You wouldn't be able to export from EIAS with textures as it doesn't do it but it is quite easy to re-aply in Sketchfab. FYI we export straight out of FormZ with textures to Sketchfab without any issues. I spoke with FormZ about being able to "bake" a high res. shadow map with an export. They a
  12. http://www.evermotion.org/shop/cat/396/Archmodels/0 http://xfrog.com/ some free here. http://archive3d.net/ Both take a little adjusting (textures etc. in EIAS. Be aware to check the geometry setting is not set to dissolved in some cases. Also that the ambient map is what you want. Also keep in mind if they particular plant is using clip maps that it will have a "halo" with GI RT on a background, You will have to run another pass of phong to get the correct alpha for composition / clipping. Turn off "twigs, stems etc" if not very close up. Tons of polys for
  13. Hi Again, It seems Amazon has upgraded their interface and setting up a slave or slaves for rendering from EIAS is very simple. I recently lost all my original setup but managed to use a template setup provided by for a re-build. 30 mins and I had a template of my own for use with any "form" of machine setup on offer. Running multiple machines is very simple. I have come back to this topic because I have been using this for quite a while now. Yes it does cost, but any render farm does. RAMA handles it beautifully. Anyway if anyone is interested or needs advice on how to get
  14. I think this is it. http://autodesk.mixamo.com/motions/sport/football/1
  15. There is a bunch of Mocap files here https://sites.google.com/a/cgspeed.com/cgspeed/motion-capture/cmu-bvh-conversion/bvh-conversion-release---motions-list I see they have some soccer motion files. It is not the characters, just the mocap. Maybe it will help.
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