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  1. Any chance PseudoCamera (AR_PseudoCamera) could be updated to run on current Mac operating systems. (and/or Windows for thet matter - wasn't trying to exclude anyone) It never existed in a windows environment. It did on the Mac, and ran fine through OS X 10.6.X 10.8 gives it the old circle-slash. Thanks a bunch, Apple. It was simple and slick. I know someone will say... "Hey, why don't you use Renderama?" my answer is "I don't know. Why don't I?" ignorance, I suppose. I haven't and am unfamiliar with it. I know... get off my dead backside and give it a spin and learn someth
  2. Hi, I was going to use and modify the "stainless" material under the "scratched" materials folder. Upon dragging from the materials pallette to the material editor, it prompts for missing files: Red-DT-REV2-8.img White.img Vertical Stripe.img all missing from the volume: Tiger I realize that the reflection map would most likely be swapped for something scene-relevant, but the other two would most likely be important. Thought maybe a link could be posted here for the missing files. thanks
  3. Wow... I think both images are pretty darned slick. Thanks. and thanks for the speedy response. the objects - containing the ramps... were they planes? and if so, was the luminance set to 100% and the objects set to reflect only? I got really cruddy results. Any chance you could upload the project file ? (without the model of course... maybe an ubershape block with same properties as a place holder - I could always swap a model for the block) ...just to better examine your settings. Blaine
  4. How would you approach the types of highlights (I believe them to be reflections & not specularity - as though from a bounce card) featured in the attached image. I tried a reflect only object with illumination at 100 & applied a gradient in the transparency channel... tried it on a plane & on a surrounding cylinder. No dice. didn't hug the contours. Anybody have any idea how to pull that off?
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