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  1. The unclampedRGB allows you to adjust the full range of exposure. So even if EI has rendered something thats in very low light you can use the extract to get the full range of values back in AE.
  2. Thanks again Thomas. That helped
  3. Is there an example or tutorial for RPF rendering? I'm having a hard time getting AfterEffects to look at any extra channels. I am using the updated .shl posted in the forums here. Thanks for any direction on this. I know I: • should use the 3D channels sub in the AE plugin menu. - eXtractor? • dont think it should matter if its CS 4 or 5 • should have a matching filename including the padding except for the extension between the render and RPF sequence • am rendering RPFs but AE sees "no aux channels." • tried EI format and pict. - convert to SGI or tif before import
  4. Good deal, thanks for all the corrections to my work flow. Not sure why i need to cmd drag the timeline to enable the scaling of keyframes but it works and that's cool by me. Not sure what to say about features that are covered by $100+ plugins. I understand that you dont want to discourage 3rd party development but at the same time, shouldnt some of these features be standard with EI? Less drilling perhaps but at the same time, Ill be messing around with animator on a laptop and i cant display all the menu items... You're right, probably knew that at one point too. T
  5. • Incorporate gradations into the material colors. EI is so good with grads. Should have always been there. • Enhance the 3D type creation tool to include post script files. Tired of turning my illustrator files into fonts. Invigorator's pretty good but clunky. Cheetah's pretty good at bevels and such but geometry has limited complexity. Maya sucks with type. EI is a logo factory. Let's make some nice bevels. • Multiple camera views • Transporter icon... coolest icon ever. Even if the app isnt used much keep it for the icon. • 16 bit color renders • Need more "Mr." type pl
  6. Thanks Tomas, I did look at these and didn't really see anything that directly said it was rendering in a 16bit or better file, but I can call Northern Lights and ask about it anyway. I was hoping to get more range from a RPF channel. But havn't been able to find a way to make that work.
  7. Im starting a film project that has subtle dark grays. I'd like to use EIAS and am wondering the best way to maintain a higher color space then 8bit in my renders. I understand that "Camera" renders in a higher color space then samples it down to 8bit per channel, ie "true color". But, it's important that I'm able to work in 16bit during compositing, and deliver as such. Are there work arounds for 16 or 32bit renders?
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