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  1. ah cool. thank you for letting me know. I hate being late to the party and missing out on stuff :-) Looking forward to seeing the new old Socket Thanks as always Mickaël
  2. Hi Tomas, what do you mean by List ? as in the future release of EIAS 10 or is there a list i have missed. thanks, Mickael
  3. Always happy to help out and test things. Is EIAS 10 Metal 2 compatible ? other then that and HEVC (H265)i wouldn't see any reason to upgrade to High Sierra. APPLEFS doesn't really seem to improve anything at this stage and doesn't convert HD drives, so no point on older machines. Im staying on Sierra for a while myself. Mickael
  4. I haven't as of yet on my main machine as it kills FCP7 which i still use a lot. I did upgrade two iMacs for the H.265 aspect but haven't had a chance to test it all out for the moment. Ill try EIAS 9 tomorrow and let you know how it goes. there really isn't a lot of reason to upgrade a this stage not that many added features. and the next version will kill off 32bit apps. so that also a killer for a lot of my old apps. looks like ill be running either emu 10.12 or run two main machine on 10.12 and 10.14 in the future.
  5. tested the gear and bolt on EIAS 2.9 and works great. then exported the gear created as a fact model and imported to EIAS 9 and works great. i don't have license for EIAS 3 or 4 and then I have a license for 5 and above so ill test the plug in 5 and 6 to see at which point it stops working.
  6. look at that. great news. with a bit a of luck we will have another socket in our tool box again. I love it when a plan comes together :-)
  7. Thanks Alex that rocks. I can add it to my archives. i found this 2009 posting for Bob. looks like he is doing plugins for VectorWorks i think. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/profile/7723-bob-wagner/ found this email which is a bit old but could work. b.wagner@ozemail.com.au
  8. Ive been going through all my EIAS stuff over the years. at one point when EIAS didn't looked very likely to survive (thank god for Tomas and the Igors ) I archived everything i could find for EIAS and just looking through my files i found GEARS and i remember Bolt but don't seem to have that one. is there anyway you could send me that old plugin for my archives. if theres any other plugin you are looking for let me know and i can see if i have it for you. I can put up a list of all the plugins and versions i have if anyone is interested. could always be helpful for old projects/ installs.
  9. Awesome Alex thank you for your advice. its the method i was starting to do. it seemed to break down with plugin support at the 3.0 version. can shape plugin data be export as a FACT model ? here goes nothing :-) ill let you know if i find any new methods. Thanks, Mickael
  10. Here is an odd one, I have really old projects that i did as a student in EIAS 2.75p I wanted to updated them to the latest EIAS 9. I was able to get the motion data all the why up to EIAS 3.0 but at that stage any project that used Standard Shape plugin gets lost because the plugin no longer works in EIAS 3.0. 2.9 is the last version i can get it to by moving the old standard shape plugin in the the 2.9 sockets folder. I tried to get Uber shape to replace the standard shape but that just resets the models data to a default plane. none of this is all that important. all m
  11. Ill try to find someone with a USBC MacBook pro and test it out and report back. I suspect it will work at least with the apple adapter. just tested it on my old 2012 model through my Thunderbolt to Kanex USB3/SATA adapter and works fine on that. I noticed EIAS 8.0 stopped working now in Sierra. not that i used it, just always kept it there in case. thank and Happy New Year, Mickael
  12. Whats the senario with USB C becoming the new standard on MacBook pros and probably all macs in the future ? does the dongle work with a dongle usb adapter ? will there be new EIAS USB C EIAS dongle available ? it only just hit me if i where to buy one (which I'm not impressed by them at this stage so properly wont) that my EIAS dongle wouldn't plug in to them. Thanks, Mickael
  13. looks great. i would say if you lift up a little bit that second shade that might help view the horizon a bit better. I agree with Richard its slightly off. mostly because the buildings look bigger in that second window. If you have the horizons match both windows like in the first picture it will feel better visually. if you want to keep that angle, maybe bring the horizons down and bit to see that ocean front from both windows.
  14. I own 3 volumes: Volume 1 bigdipper davinci Zeus Volume 2 Dante liquefy pathfinder Volume 3 Cablecraft Flockthis Placerdeposit just curious as well are there any updates Mr Revolver ? the last version i have is from 2009 which is a UB. thanks
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