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  1. Fantastic job!!! Not bad for someone who doesn't like to model!
  2. Ooooh. Sounds like we can expecting some great things soon!
  3. Very cool stuff! Congrats on your success, Diego! Good job!
  4. Ahhhhhh! Thank you very much! That worked! Why did I have to do that? (The tutorial made no mention of it, by the way.) Also, I've noticed that the ring is there now... but the original circle cross section is still there, independent of the ring. Why is it still there? Should I/Can I delete it? Or should I leave it? Thanks again!
  5. I've attached it here. Thanks. tutorial 1 - robot.zip
  6. Thanks Aziz. But unfortunately that didn't help. (Yes, I'm referring to EIS Modeler. Sorry.) Nothing that I do evokes any sort of response whatsoever when I click on the circle that is to be the sweep path. This is very frustrating. It's literally as if the software is broken just on this one thing. Everything else seems to be fine so far. As I said, I can even get the sweep to work on a curved path... but not on this circle. When I click on my planar cross section, it highlights red as it should to show that it is selected. However, when I click on my sweep path (made from Curve Primiti
  7. Hi everyone... longtime owner of Universe 5 (actually owned Electric Image way before that). Longtime owner, but first time user. Yes, that's right. It took me all this time. Fear of the unknown, as well as being technologically cursed (every electronic, including my macs, seem to give me problems upon problems), has kept me from ever rolling up my sleeves to learn EI, which is a shame, because graphics and animation is my dream job. Now that I've been unemployed for almost two years now, I've finally gotten around to pulling my head out of the sand and into Universe. I'm going through o
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