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  1. Yes. I worked on it. Well, I just wanted to thank you! As someone who still uses it regularly I can say that there are some things in it that still blow the competition out of the water. The real shame is that it didn't continue to be developed so that some of the other parts could have been bought up to the same standard. Anyway, I think it is a testament that it still runs (with some hiccups) on my Intel machine after many OS updates. Are you able to say if it is any stage of development now? Thanks, Mike.
  2. Most likely, the shape has too many vertices. I seem to remember that the plane was a fallback if something was wrong about the custom shape. try to use a simpler shape, and see if that works. I'd say fewer than 20 points.. Another thing PG isn't good at is predicting memory footprint, so there could be an issue there. and gracefully recovering from it.. A bug of course.
  3. Yes. I worked on it. Yes, that's the idea. Initial thoughts are to use the existing expression support in EI.
  4. Sonica was intended as Maya plugin, however makes sense to bring it out as EIAS plugin as well. Although I am not fully sure how one can do it with the same generality as was possible in Maya. Any feedback is welcome. To be truly useful any sound attrib should be able to drive any animation channel..i will discuss with Tomas on possiblities
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