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  1. Okay, seems all I needed to do was download and install the latest Sentinel driver. Seems obvious, now...
  2. Hello, I just upgraded to El Capitan on my iMac and suddenly Animator won't recognize the hardware key. I get the Hardware key error: Key not plugged in #3 message. I have the more recent, purple dongle and it was working fine on the same hardware before the upgrade. Checked the frameworks folder and the Eve3, Sentinel and Superpro32 frameworks appear to be installed properly. Anybody else encountered this problem or have any suggestions how to solve? I've already tried rebooting and moving the hardware key to a different USB port. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Tom, I'll go ahead and order the new dongle.
  4. Tom, Thanks, that was fast! I'd already tried the EIAS 8 installer and no go. It's an old dongle so I suppose that is the problem -- is there a way to tell on the dongle whether or not it is intel compatible? Thanks
  5. Hello, I upgraded to a new iMac (previously running OSx 10.5 on a G5 powermac) and now I get the "Hardware key error: key not plugged in #3" error message when try to run EIAS. The key still works fine on the old G5. I'm still running EIAS 6.6.2, so would that make a difference? Do I need to upgrade EIAS? I've tried downloading a new copy of 6.6.2 and reinstalling it and the dongle drivers, but that didn't help. I've checked that the system is booted in 32 bit mode. Tried it with the hardware key as the only USB device plugged in and that didn't help either. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
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