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  1. Thank you Tomas! I wonder why it's taking them so long?! I thought they had the SDK out already?!
  2. Does anyone know if there will ever be a plug-in written for ZBrush. There are many times where I'd just like to automate the process of getting an object and all its textures into EIAS. GoZ is a good option for getting stuff back and forth from ZBrush to various programs.
  3. Hey Everyone, I have an object that was textured in EIAS with multiple textures layered on one another. I haven't formally UV'd the object, but I think EIAS does auto UV's when you import and place textures? The question is, I want to bring the object into Maya with all its textures intact. Is there a way to do that easily?
  4. Thank you, Richard! My client loved it! Now to wait for it to be published.
  5. Here's a project I was working on in EIAS. The model was done using Silo and rendered in EIAS. The book cover was comped together in Photoshop. I hope you enjoy.
  6. Is there a way to read the Camera logs to see render times in detail?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, Richard! Actually, it's not a transparency map, it's a reflection of the wood (that's what you get for cheating really quickly and using repeated textures). I totally forgot those two steps, scarring the paint and denting up the little toy. By the way, Weebles appear to have been made primarily from plastic, but I believe there were attempts to make them out of wood. As such, the paint is more worn than scarred. Those little guys were practically indestructible!
  8. Meanie" Weeble. Wanted to practice my speed in getting light just the way I wanted to. Global illumination and one spot light. Modeled in Silo, textured in Photoshop, rendered in Electric Image. Total modeling/texturing time: 1 hour, total rendering time: >20 seconds.
  9. I didn't use HDRI in my example, but is this something like what you are looking for? If it is, I will upload the project.
  10. I believe it still does. I think the cost is $395, but I can't be absolutely positively sure about that.
  11. I believe you're right, Mark. I had the same question a few weeks ago and that proved to be the correct solution.
  12. Thanks for all the positive responses. I have solved the problem thanks to Ian's tutorials.
  13. What if you're a PC user and don't have Object2Fact? This is a severe problem in many cases. Transporter doesn't seem to do the deed. Isn't there some kind of ungroup in Animator?
  14. Just a quick (possibly stupid) question: Is the radiosity tab still in EIAS version 8? I've looked all over for it and can't find it. Was it replaced by the photons? Situation: I have an axe. The edge of it glows. I want the glowing edge of the axe to illuminate a portion of the scene. Is that something simple or do you have to go through hoops to do it? It feels like it should be a one or two check box procedure with perhaps a slider. If I have to load in maps, create radiosity solutions, and do all manner of other contortions to get this simple behavior... (I guess I could cheat and place a light right there, but why wouldn't I be able to just click a box in that case?) And to get the glow to actually..., well, glow was so non-intuitive it pained me to have to go through it. Sorry, but the frustration just jumped in. I've faked a glow using a light. As you can see it looks pretty nice, but is this the solution?
  15. redcode

    UV mapping

    I think Silo's doing alright. I don't think they're dead in the water, but they just don't update every six months.
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