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  1. Hay Tomas normal poke to see whats going down, anything you care to share yet?
  2. Is there no chance in getting the old modeler back do they still not want to sell it? And as I remember there was also issues with licensing the code from the another company or something like that I joined Eias in v5.5 just when it was dropped. So my question really should be asked more simply as which would be easier and more financialy viable getting old modeler or building a new one. if it's having to build a new one will the geometry engine that you have now support it or will that need to be revised. I know now this is currently the problem with lightwave modeler and layout have 2
  3. Yeah I would love an online material library, another good thing would be a forum gallery like modo they have an amazing coummity site but I do understand the foundry is a much bigger company and they have more resources for it. But having a amazing online presence these days is a must. So maybe after Eias X maybe a updated coummity section rest of the site is cool just feel this part could be needing a little update. So we can share models images shaders Etc. But I know that needs to take a back seat for a while until eias X is ready
  4. So modeller again hehe Tomas. Oh and I liked the new image on Facebook that was cool.
  5. Dam I got my hopes up
  6. Joe Purcell


    Whats up with EIAS3d.com is it being updated getting errors when I try to load it. hoping there is an update and a announcement. its it time to get the credit card out yet?
  7. Looks nice cant wait to see this come alone more.
  8. I do like Paul Sherstobitoff some of those renders with the glass look really nice. i really can't get realistic glass out of EIAS. think maybe i should make that a focus of a project to see how close i can get it. on a side note been looking at mFORGE but unsure as yet looks really handy.
  9. Well this is as far as i have made it. i don't like the metal glass or the lamp shade, and there seems to be a few errors on the brick wall texture on the back. but time is up and time to move on. to something else. i mostly happy with it but still lots of improvements to be made. so hopefully next one i can improve upon this, oh yeah this was my first attempt at trying to do arch viz. any tips on glass surfaces and metal surfaces would be helpful.
  10. Right Have a little update sure there is going to be a few more before i go to sleep would like to finish this before i go to sleep so i can start something new tomorrow. tell me what you think
  11. Cheers man. I'm doing my best to try and stick with this for a few more days playing with settings and such. I'm going to put a mirror in the room soon so not sure i want to turn recursion down just yet might end up with black area's. but once it is made i will reduce that until they start to show up XD
  12. Right timed it doing what you said. 1min 3 secs at 1440x810! and i can't see any difference from the render that i posted so defiantly a massive speed boost! oh and my laptop is a 2011 macbook pro with 2.2 gz intel i7 first gen
  13. 1024X576 is the render res. hmm ok will try turning off glossy and using reflection blur instead. i thought 5 min was good haha though i have not taken an proper time frame yet as for me that is enough that i don't even get to finish my cup of tea before i am reviewing the image. but ill see if what you said can speed it up even more.
  14. haha ok found out what the shading sampling does. time to turn them back to default. should of read the manual first before i did that haha. turning on the high precision shadows though is how do i put this. SLOW!. still waiting for the render to finish haha. almost 15min now and still going!
  15. Well that render had 2 lights one sun light bringing light in the window. and one area light at the back wall for with low intensity just to help with the bounce illumination (or that was the plan anyway) both lights are photon maped 400 for the sun light and 200 for the area. and 700 yes 700 for the GI samples. family sure i can get away with a lot lower but it renders super fast anyway. 8x8 AA adaptive sampling. 4x4 GI sampling. a lot of the other settings I'm still playing with. settings that i have never touched before like turning on high precision shadows and setting the saying samplin
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