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  1. RevDoc

    EIAS v10 current development!

    This is very welcome news Tomas.
  2. RevDoc

    Persistant Rama oddity

    That got it. Thanks Tomas!
  3. RevDoc

    Persistant Rama oddity

    Hi All, So I'm running 3 cameras (local and 2 slaves) on the same machine, the slaves are happily working away, yet the local camera keeps crashing with a MCIO - 18 error. I can't quite figure out why this would only happen with the local camera. Local runs just fine doing a raytrace if I turn off the reflections. I've cleaned up the models and textures as one often must do after an upgrade. (9.1 doesn't care for the flavor of my 6.5 projects...) Can someone offer me a clue? Thanks, MM P.S.-This multithread rendering is amazingly cool!