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  1. I have requested multiple times, to have a planned feature roadmap for the development of EIAS. I want to know what sort of program Tomas and the Igors are putting together. Will it remain strictly for architectural visualization and product renders? Or will it add character animation tools for creature effects and stunt doubles? To date, no road map has been forthcoming. Of course it's difficult to figure out where the software is going, when you're forced to rewrite the entire code base to clean up miles of tangled threads and modernize things. Still, I think by this time Tomas and the Igors
  2. Sorry Tomas, I'll not be going there. Not everyone Facebooks.
  3. Hey Alonzo, did you animate those in EIAS? Or did you render them in EIAS from animation done elsewhere? Thanks.
  4. I don't know about specific settings, but the Proxy Plug-In does exactly what you're wanting: Proxy
  5. If all the features are in and working - less any bugs that remain to be squashed, can you tell us what they are?
  6. In the past, I have asked for a "roadmap" of the development of Electric Image. In fact, most of us have asked for better communication from the developers about this tool that we have chosen to use in our tool boxes. Thanks.
  7. New modeling software, currently in beta with a free download. Windows only so far but Linux and Mac at some point. http://polybrush.org/ https://youtu.be/g4_h1FTiQ_g Looks like it creates some complex, funky geometry. A few testers have reported some malware in the download, but the developer says its just beta protection.
  8. I know, EI already excels at Hard Body rendering and some animation, but all this Soft Body Stuff! It's a bit outside EI's comfort zone! LOL!
  9. Probably way beyond where EIAS3D is currently, but damn! What a sweet goal to reach for!
  10. I can do some basic scripting in Python and Javascript, but full on C or C++ development - as in shaders and plug-ins, that's way over my head.
  11. Pulled this out while cleaning around the house. Cinefex #61(March 1995) - with Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat on the front cover. And ElectricImage 2.1 on the back cover!
  12. Nice use of Electric Image for rendering the final animation. Well done.
  13. KurtF


    Nvidia has released the PhysX source code for free: http://www.cgchannel.com/2015/03/nvidia-releases-physx-source-code-on-github/ Great possibilities for destruction, cloth, rigid body physics, and particles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O04ErnJ8USY
  14. KurtF

    VFX Breakdown

    Nice Animation and Composite. Well done.
  15. and would appreciate a little bit of a roadmap for the coming year. Scott Novasic I've asked before to have even a ball park "road map" of future EI development. Especially where animation and character tool set improvement is involved. The answer is always the same - "we love EI, we're working hard, wait and see."
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