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  1. Hi barnabythebear. I also have made 3D panoramic stereo VR data as well but it needed another software too. Please see my sample on Youtube if you like. you can see it realistically using Google Cardboard. https://youtu.be/qUN1LuxNeQM Nori.
  2. Hi Tom. Thanks for telling a good information. I'm looking forward to it!! Regards. Nori.
  3. I have uploaded a new 360d stereoscopic panorama VR image again with different models, even though I haven't improved the problem drastically yet. But even if so, I could improve the problem in my original idea this time. In last sample, it was not correct stereoscopic at backside but at least it is not strange for now. Although both sides haven't been correct stereoscopic yet. I think it's limited on EIAS 9.1 I hope EIAS3D will add the function to make 360d stereoscopic panorama VR images and movies easer. 0t8MYMtarrw
  4. Hi all. I have uploaded several 360d stereo panoramic VR movie on Youtube recently but I was thinking they were a little strange. For example, when I see backside the graphics are strange, I cannot focus to them well. Finally I found a big problem. I originally tried to make them using Stereo mode in Camera info and rendered them setting Environment format to make a cube map data. But even if I choose the stereo mode it is invalid because of the Environment format. So I prepared two cameras instead and I thought I could work it out using two camera but it was wrong. EIAS makes 6 directional images every 90 degrees and when they turn to backside the focus points cross. L and R cameras get opposite gradually within 360 degrees. Does someone know how I can work it out and make stereoscopic images? Could you please tell me about it if you like? Regards. PS. I can make monaural VR image without any problem.
  5. I have uploaded new stereoscopic panorama VR movie on Youtube. It is an animation edition this time. ( It just moves AGV in it yet because it's still a test data. ) Please feel free to look at it if you like on Youtube App and your Cardboard goggles. https://youtu.be/reJtIBnK6SU
  6. I have uploaded next stereoscopic panorama VR data on Youtube. please look at it on Youtube App on your smartphone if you like. It is only the name this time to look at it on the App. KQgXH6z75jc Regards.
  7. My sample I uploaded yesterday was not stereoscopic. I remade it today and uploaded again. https://youtu.be/0q81WTZcuEc
  8. I have uploaded next 360d panoramic VR movie on Youtube. https://youtu.be/KnUh_S8rxOg I will upload this data again as an animation data soon.
  9. I have changed the URL because the data I uploaded broke even though I didn't know why. https://youtu.be/Df3EUZMbjoQ Regards.
  10. Hi Tom. You can look at my sample even though I haven't made it with a movie yet. https://youtu.be/YraB_DiKcl0 It's a still image for now. Please look at it with Google Cardboard if you like. Regards. Nori.
  11. Hi Kim and Tom. Somehow I was able to make stereo 360d panoramic VR movies on Youtube. I can make still images and movies too, even though I had to buy converting tool on the Internet. Ha ha Although the software I bought was inexpensive. So I can change cubic map images to equirectangular images to make it, in addition I can use animation data too. I have known making the stereo 360d panoramic movie with animation data takes a quite long time. So I will make a good sample a little by little when I have time and will upload and show it on Youtube in the near future. look forward to look at it someday. I appreciate you Kim and Tom. Thanks. Regards. Nori.
  12. Hi Tom. Thanks for advising. It seems I have to buy the software. Right? I completely have understood. I will try some one. Thanks. Regards.
  13. Can nobody answer for my question? I can render out the cube map picture like a data I attached as "L.jpg". ( I rendered this with EIAS 9.1. ) I would like to convert that above picture to Equirectangular style like a data I attached as "L2.jpg". ( I rendered this with MODO 9.1. ) Does anyone know how to do it? I hope I can receive a good information soon. Regards. PS. Tom. I can log-in temporally resetting my password but I cannot log-in at different day again soon. So I might be able to log-in resetting my password every time even though it's a not good way.
  14. Hi Kim. I have loged-in successfully today. Thanks for advising many times in Facebook. I have understood until number 2. but unfortunately the SKYBOX is not already sold anymore. So I have no way to change the cubic renders image so far. I looked for another software too, but I haven't found the proper one yet. I hope new EIAS includes the stereo panoramic rendering as you wrote too. I'm looking for the good way today too. Regards. Nori.
  15. Hi all. I bought Google Cardboard and it's so interesting. I have wanted to make my original data for the Cardboard since then. Does anyone know how to make it? Can I render it in EIAS 9.1? Regards.
  16. Hi Chip. I see and thanks. :) I will wait until that. Regards. Nori.
  17. Hi Chip. Thanks for writing back. Unfortunately I cannot receive your message adding ".com" because I always block the domain except I have added several address in excepting mail box. I looked for you message but it was hard for me to find because there are so many spam mails. So your message should be in among them. I have no way to know your address but I can receive Tom's message. So could you please tell me your email address asking Tom? I will add you address into the excepting mail box. If so, I will be able to receive your message directly. Is it Okay? Regards. Nori.
  18. Hi Tom and Chip. Thanks for telling. First, I tried to change parameters in Bullet dialogue but it didn't work well. Next, I tried to preview your sample data without changing but it didn't work well too. ( with Bullet session dialogue. ) I have uploaded the preview data I tried. http://firestorage.jp/download/81affe0631a88755e30c1ac13a572a3abf508004 I have no idea why your sample also didn't work well as well..... Is it because of Mavericks or something? Anyway I hope you look at my preview movie. Regards. Nori. PS. Chip. I cannot receive your direct email because I usually block emails from .com. If I can know your email address I will input it into the acceptable directly in my rental server.
  19. I tried to rebuild again but I cannot control and I have no idea why. I have uploaded new sample data. ( Only simple objects. ) http://firestorage.jp/download/ccabbd9b36e01cd9ce7ec0accd121399eb19a554 Could you please tell me why it doesn't work well? Regards. Nori.
  20. Hi Tom. I was looking for the video tutorial of Wall-E Treads but it doesn't exist here. By the way, there is a zip file named "Wall-E Treads.zip" in your old post and I actually downloaded it several days ago. Unfortunately I was not able to open the zip file. Even if I try to open it, it changes to new zip file even though I had no idea. In addition, if there is the video tutorial here I think I can watch it because I usually use Mac OS X 10.9.5 not Sierra and I have installed Flash player plug-in too. So it's not related to my situation. I have wanted to let you know about it. Regards. Nori.
  21. Hi Chip. Thanks again. I have understood about the gravity. I will try again. ( Unfortunately I have no time to try because I have been busy since last weekend on my job. ) Anyway, I thank you and hope you can attach sample files on your comment. Regards. Nori.
  22. Hi Chip. Thanks for writing back. I have understood since I read your reply. So I will animate the low-poly models in advance and finally I will change them to highly-one. I have a question about the gravity. If I set it to 9.8 the speed is too slow and real one is not that slow. I'm a little confused. Anyway, I will try again. Regards. Nori.
  23. Hi Chip. Thanks for writing back and checking again. I can understand what you let me know. First. I must create simple-surface tubes and must spread each distance for two tubes to calculate. Next. I must create simple sprocket to calculate too. Finally. I attache high-poly each parts to simple models and turn off the simple models, and turn on high-poly models. And animate them. Right? I will try to remake again. Thanks. Regards. Nori.
  24. I found the Wall-E Treads in this Forum and downloaded it but I cannot open it. I tried it on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and Windws7 either. Nori.
  25. Hi Chip. Thanks for testing and explaining. I remade simple chain model today and the motion of the simple chain was good but I cannot control high-res models well. I was not able to upload the data this time because the capacity is too small. So I have used a storage service following. http://firestorage.jp/download/001473027ce374a69699d9e491a167a3a14f1819 Could you please tell me about the cause if you like? Regards. Nori.
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