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  1. I have tried a way you told me using your sample data but unfortunately it has had a big problem. Your sample data contains simple chain but there is a big difference between the cylinder and the tube. The outside diameters are different. So I cannot use it with a sprocket because I think the collision points are different and the chain is going to be slanted because of the different diameters. I cannot use this ways for a drive chain. I have remade my sample data on my way instead and I have uploaded but unfortunately I haven't been able to control it well. Do you have different way to avoid it? I hope you let me know better way if you like. Thanks. Regards. test20170331.zip
  2. Hi Tom. Thanks for telling a way to control my chain motion. I'll try to improve my project while I'm reading and looking at datas you uploaded for me. Although I haven't tried it yet, even now I can understand whole concept and what Chip tried to let me know. Anyway I will try after this soon. I thank you and Chip. Regards.
  3. Thanks Tom. I hope I can know about it as soon as possible. Regards.
  4. I have a question about Bullet Dynamics. I really would like to know how I can use Bullet Dynamics motion well. I sometimes try to make a chain motion but I cannot control it well. I have tried various parameters in the Bullet system. I have no idea how I should do. Could someone please help me? I have uploaded the test data. ChainTest.zip I hope someone can advise me soon. Regards. Nori. ChainTest.zip
  5. Hi Derry. I have reinstalled my EIAS 9.1 and can use the UberShape without any issue. I thank you again. Regards. Nori.
  6. Hi Derry. Thanks for telling. Really? I will reinstall and try it again, and also I hope my situation will be better soon. Regards. Nori.
  7. Hi Brian. I have ungraded my Mac Pro ( Late 2013 ) from Mavericks to Yosemite and I use EIAS3D 9.1. The EIAS3D 9.1 has been working well but I found one issue so far. Uber Shape can't work well. For example, I cannot create any shapes other than Plane. It always just show the Plane even if I used another shape such as Cube, Cylinder and etc. I think there might be another issues too yet. Regards. Nori.
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