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  1. Glad to help. Just one thing I forgot to mention. If your camera is moving and glowing objects are obscured by other objects in the move, don't turn hide/ turn off the non-glowing objects. Just disable all textures on them so they render black but still obscure what needs to be obscured. I made this mistake in the past and had glowing bits where they shouldn't be. Yes, it was all spaceships ;-)
  2. Hi, To create a glow layer map - just use a version of your top diffuse full texture map. Then make black the colour of the elements that you don't want to glow. Make the elements to glow white or degrees of grey to white, depending on intensity. But I've just usually just used a black and white map, the subtlety of degrees of grey don't really make a difference unless your camera is really close to the object. For the compositing, I'd render once for diffuse with all textures and objects active/ on. Then in the second render turn off/ hide all non-glowing objects, turn off all lights, turn off diffuse textures and just keep active the glow map on objects. Essentialy the render will be all black and only the glowing areas will appear. Then just composite both renders in AE or similar program. Hope the above helps.
  3. I'd create a texture map with a glow layer for the computer lights. I'd also do two renders (diffuse and glow) and composite later to control the strength of the computer lights.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. It's good to see they still support OS X Snow Leopard since that's the OS on my work station ;) Will try it out soon.
  5. Thanks Brian. I hope your generous offer is picked up. I do miss the exciting days of the EI Forum on CGTalk.
  6. Yes, Brian's right. I was referring to Adobe's new subscription only model. It's great for some of us and not so great for others. I fall into the category of not renewing at every version of CS. My personal experience as a freelancer has taught me to minimise my subscriptions as much as possible. Just paying the basic utility bills can be a bit difficult at times, so I'd like to space apart my software investments. Actually I miss the days of Photoshop 7 (prior to CS). I legally buy all my work related (and non-work) software but find some developer anti-piracy mechanism makes life more difficult for the honest buyer. Despite, once upon a time, wishing EIAS would be dongle free, I now find dongles the least hassle when I have to reinstall software or recover from some HD malfunction. Aziz.
  7. I think some of us are looking at possible alternatives to After Effects to composite our EIAS projects after Adobe's recent announcement. I'm not debating the pros and cons of that move. Just would like to highlight an ongoing Kickstarter project to get Hitfilm, a PC based editiing/effects/compositing tool ported to OS X. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fxhome/hitfilm-for-mac I'm not affiliated with the company in any way. It would be good to have more options in our toolbox :-) Aziz.
  8. Hi Rod, I checked the link Tom gave. I think you may have downloaded the wrong file. I saw a link to "Video Converter" which is an advert link. The file you need to download is EIAS Component for QuickTime - with options for various Mac and PC versions to download. You should eventually end up with a file called (in OS X): EIComponentUB.component Drag that to System/Library/Quicktime Apologies if you got the right file though. But if you got the advert link file, sorry about that too. I don't know how to get rid of that. Anyone else can help? Aziz
  9. Much appreciated. Very useful. At the risk of sounding ungrateful...more please :) Thanks.
  10. Hi Scott, I have a pdf of an old EIAS Hidden Wireframe technique by Lee Croft. Not sure if it will help but the pdf can be found at: http://www.avendavasse.com/eiaswireframe/Hidden_Wireframes.pdf
  11. Hi Loon, I just tried Firefox 7 on a Mac. No problem opening www.eias3d.com. All forums open fine.
  12. Wow. That's amazing. Tomas, may I know how much RAM was available for the render? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for that Markerless Motion Capture link, Tomas. Looks good. Wish I had it last year when I helped work on a local children's TV show. This new technique looks much easier than the one we used.
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