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  1. Thanks Tomas, I missed the good old days of Modeller and EIAS. Hope by the arrival of V10. Modeller will be available and integrate with EIAS3D seamlessly. Keeeping my finger cross : )
  2. Hi all EIAS Guru and users, Happy New Year 2021! I wish to bring in a C4D job for render EIAS. What will be the best workflow from Cinema 4D to EIAS with all the list intact? Also is Kishore 3D Modelling software frontend for EIAS ready? Thank you for any suggestion! Best Regards, Burney
  3. Tom, Thanks for update. Keep going and don't retire young : ) Burney
  4. Hello Tom, Just drop by to say hello to everyone and hoping to see ____ soon ... Burney
  5. Hi Tomas, I just upgrade one of my iMac 2011 with 16Gb Of RAM to MAC OS High Sierra (10.13) the the follow issue occurred. Any fix? Thank for any advice, Burney Process: Animator [6730] Path: /Applications/EIAS 9.1/Animator.app/Contents/MacOS/Animator Identifier: com.electricimage.animator Version: 9.1 (???) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Animator [6730] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2019-11-07 23:16:14.625 +08
  6. Hi Tomas, I am counting down to year 2020 now hopefully will see V10 before Xmas. This is the 'finer' reminder to you or I will dump my two seats of EIAS V9 into the Caribbean sea!! (Though I will pick them up later and continue the waiting game. : ) : ). ) Cheers , Burney
  7. Thomas, waiting is killing me :i. Give me a chance to pay and I want V10 now .... : D Burney
  8. Hi Thomas, I have both V8 and V9.1 but been waiting for V10 so just got a little bore waiting and want to get back to do a little warm up while waiting. Is V9.1 works in 10.7? The machine is only 32 bits architecture. Have not try anly hack to bring it up to 10.11. I am on iMac 2011 spending most time doing architectural works now. Warm Regards, Burney
  9. I have a basic question. I still have an Old MacPro 1.1 running MacOS 10.7. Which version of EIAS will run in the optimal state? Thank You for any advice. Burney
  10. Tom, May I suggest give us a workable version of the new build and let us pay for it then continue give us free update as you wish to quench our curiosity : ) Best Regards, Burney
  11. Finally I am able to import my sketchUp Pro 2015 files into EIAS v9.1 via FormZ 8 Sketch Up import plug in. Every everything is intact. May be EIAS can contact Trimble to incorporate SKP import into EIAS and that will brighten my days and say bye2 to Vray :shy: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/187-skp-import-for-formz-8-pro-and-jr-for-os-x-users/
  12. Thank Grey :cool: . Currently I am using FormZ 8 to import Sketchup Model and assemble them in Form Z for EIAS compatibility. FormZ 8 is been used more like a complex scene layout software for me now. Form Z is a great and powerful software but not fast enough for rapid conceptual design( as least for me as I am more familiar with Sketch up now after depart formZ at V6 :blush:...)
  13. Hi Tom, Got tight up a couple of weeks by a rush job. Instead of giving you a drawing with some simple primitives. I want to produce a simple but realistic architectural model so that you can come up with proper workflow solution. Currently using FormZ 8 to solve my current issue for now as 64 bits really help to speed up assembly of complex scenes. Just give me another week to sort thing out. Thank you for your patience :blush:
  14. Thank you for your advice. Too bad Okino doesn't have a Mac version. I did manage to import the sketch up file via Modo beside Form Z. Ultimately if EIAS can import it will make life a lot easier as going to and fro via a bridge software is quite cumbersome. :blush:
  15. To create a group in SketchUp. Double click any face with pick tool and hit cmd-G in Mac OSX. I usually move them to a relevant layer immediately after grouping. For conceptual design I usually create a basic box, group it and create it as component. It really help in speeding up the design process. SketchUp can swapped out basic shapes with complex detailed models easily so more design thinking and less modelling. In the Pre Form Z v7 days, I need to spend lot of time modelling and trying an error with rounding that make Form Z appears really dumb although Form Z v7 now looks very promising.
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