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  1. NX shading system for v2014 (for EIAS Mac & PC) now Multi-theaded & 64 Bits render, order in http://www.eias3d.com/ or get your for free update in triade@triade.es
  2. Hello Michael, We dont have finish yet the port of NX to 64bit, sorry
  3. Im working with EIAS 9.1 and Mavericks since 2 week ago and all work fine.
  4. Hello Scott: Dont have a easy solution, NPR get the normals info and paint the perpendicular poligons to camera with shadow zone. No same position all time. If can add more poligons with dicer can solve a bit... Thanks
  5. Hola RobK You can try with type Ink and Density 50 for sample.... will made a similar effect without anim texture. Thank you
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