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  1. Hi, Thanks for the information. I wasn't able to pull up Northern Lights' website www.northernlights3d.com Is there a new link?
  2. ...is there a way to animate tank tracks?
  3. HI, Thank you for the quick response. Using the camera map feature -- how would you animate the texture, i.e., make it "move" over the surfaces - like a cube?
  4. Hi, Is it possible to animate a texture over all surfaces of an object? I animated a texture over a cube - but could get it to "move" over one of the surfaces....
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. In 32bit It crashes the camera. In 64 bit it will sometime render -- but EI crashes generally everytime. The file is over 4000 objects, 52,1mb, extensive glow objects, trees, anti alias set at adaptive 4x4,1x1, 0, 255, rendering at 7777x4606 (will likely print it at 12" x 60"}
  6. EI/camera has been crashing when trying to render a larger file Do I have the maximum settings for camera - see attachment Is there something in EI that I can do? Some items that help make the file complex 3860 objects file size 53 mb global illumination glow items four Poser figures Is there something more I can do to avoid the crashes.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to animate on an angle, i.e., animate a color tube on a 30º angle? Thanks for any insight
  8. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your suggestion sounds great. Would you amplify your directions, i.e., 1. How would I create the glow layer for the computer lights - and 2. Regarding the two renders -- do I understand to render the diffuse option, and again with the glow and then composite in After Effects? Thank you, again.
  9. ...not using the led's to lite the room -- just the effect of computer activity.
  10. Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I don't have a clip available -- but we would like to create the blinking lights of a bank of computer servers. I was able to achieve a glow effect with EI's glow feature, but Camera crashes? I've never used the feature you describe. I will try it. Could you tell me where "you assign geometry to be light emitting?" Thanks, again for the time and insight.
  11. Hi, I would like to create "computer glowing" lites. How would one go about creating a "glowing" stream of lites, blinking lites.... Any insight would most appreciated.
  12. Hi, I'm running a Mac Pro with 12 gigs of memory. Camera is crashing -- lack of memory seems to be the problem? If more memory is added will camera use it? Thanks for any insight/help. Best
  13. Hi, These are great solutions -- thank you.
  14. How do you add morphing targets?
  15. Hi, Thanks, again for the insight. I do have contortionist -- but got an error message. See attached? Also, tried morphing got another error - see attached. unable to upload morphing error?
  16. Hi, I found the morphing tutorial. But -- I'm doing something wrong. See attached - EI isn't liking my target , i.e., naming convention -- or something. Help?
  17. Hi, Thank you for the sample project. I got similar results. I will need to maintain the volume. Is there a good tutorial on how to use the morph tool ?
  18. Hi, I've tried the deformation tool -- but I'm not sure about spline deformation? I will recheck -- but would appreciate if you would explain how a spline deformation is accomplished Thanks for the super fast response
  19. Hi, How do you compress a "coil spring" in EI?
  20. Hi, Thanks for the great insight. I also use Sketchfab but didn't know you could apply textures via Sketchfab. I also use FormZ but never explored it's capability to export textures. Two great options -- thanks again.
  21. Hi, Is it possible to - animate in isometric projection in Electric Image? If a client wants to imbed a model for user interaction -- how best is this accomplished with Electric Image
  22. Hi, I did get it to work -- thank you. I also retried it on the .dxf file -- and for the first time I was able to have an object follow a .dxf bath from FormZ. However the object was deformed at different points along the path?
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