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  1. Thank you Tomas
  2. I am unable to open aftereffects CS 6.6 and am stuck at trying to send an animation to a client in the next hour. Does anyone know of a way to converet an .img file to something useable? Terrainman
  3. Terrainman

    Color transformation based on objects elevation

    Thanks for the input guys. The camera map may be problematic because the camera moves during the animation. I think the world mapped gradient may be worth a try.
  4. Hi all, I am trying to transfer the diffuse color of an object as it raises in elevation. I am in the midst of an animation that depicts flooding of subterranean floors of a building. The client wants me to change the color of the water as it rises. 0-1ft=Blue, 1-2 feet = green, 2-3ft = orange etc. the elevational change would have to be based on object coordinates due to the multiple floor levels. Any Ideas? Terrainman