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  1. Yep, I'm always checking back, but have been unsure and bought into Modo, which is a pain in the arse! I really want eias3d to live again! Keep us posted... Even a teaser... Mat.
  2. Would I be right in saying that the model you aply the .mdd file to does not have to have exactly the same topology (i.e. vericies and polygons) as the original model you exported it from? (as you said you can apply it to the letter 'K'). I can see the 'point cloud' of the .mdd when I apply it, so it's coming in to eias, it's jusy getting it to work with the skin that seems awkward... Will keep you informed of my experiments! M.
  3. Wow! Thanks guys! Sorry about the late reply, I didn't get an email so maybe I did need to check my preferences on the forum... Will give this a go over the weekend... Help much appreciated, Mat.
  4. Hi, has anyone had any luck getting files from DAZ into EIAS. I've tried .mdd but it fails... I've also had no luck with the animation as an .fbx The error message with MDD is attached. Any tips much appreciated... Mat.
  5. Hi, I own series 1-4 is there somewhere I can download the updates for Mac? Help appreciated...
  6. would be interested to see the result! :-)
  7. OK V9! Love it... Version 9.5/10 UI update . . . Modernise, add things like mouse wheel scrolling. I personally would like to just be able to set the scale to metric and use CM and MM, I understand the units but when you have models coming in from other software it would help import scaling.... Preset rigs, human, mouse, spider, horse etc... Took me ages to rig a butterfly . . . I'm not so good at it though... Render preset . . . Window Size, Full Size and 50% full size . . . Good for 1080p projects... Orthographic/Perspective window view.... that is not a camera window. Fu
  8. p.s. Importing system is making my life soooooo much easier! I'm coming straight out of modo into eias, no issues so far :-)
  9. Hi, don't get me wrong, excellent upgrade, love it! The plugins not working so far are: placer deposit and flockthis . . . liquify, is working, these are the only 3 I've tested so far... I have most of them, so I'll keep you informed... Power Particles Pro seems to be OK so far... :-)
  10. All seems good apart from Northern Lights plug ins arn't working at all... Any clues? I guess they have to be updated by the developer . . .
  11. Got it! Cheers! Seems to be working well so far!
  12. emmmm.. I'm not sure you can do this without a cycling model sequence...
  13. Hi, I have a looping animation of a butterfly that has been UV textured (see attached). I wan't to use it withing flockThis by Northern Lights, however I believe that I can only do this if it is a child cycling model sequence, my problems is that I can't seem to export the sequence as a single parked mesh sequence with the textures in place. I'm not really getting how to export the animation as a sequence of single mesh items that I can then cycle in order to use in fock this... Anyone have any experience with this or any tips would be greatly appreciated... Thanks! Any help apprec
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