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  1. No problem, how long is each frame taking ? And whilst I am a Mac afficianado don't forget you can use PCs as render nodes just as easily as Macs so if there are of those knocking about on your local network then it can be a very cost effective way to work.
  2. Hi Joe, Do you have access to other local computers (Mac or PC) ? If so, even without internet access you could create your own renderfarm and distribute the frames that way. If you haven't done this before its very straightforward to set up. All the best James
  3. Hi Brian, what Mac OS are you using ? James
  4. Steve I'm with Alex on this, you shouldn't be afraid to allow such dynamism within your imagery. I've fought long and hard trying to get that perfect balance and in the end, when achieved, it just looks overly good...which makes it seem fake. Its a bit like HDR imagery - sometimes it's so well exposed everywhere that it just looks odd. Whilst I don't think I've quite achieved it yet I'm always looking to create imagery that has the feel of a professional photographer and its amazing how often they push areas within an image to accentuate others. But of course 'the customer is alway
  5. Guy Superb...inspirational...thankyou
  6. how cool is this :-) Thx for posting Tomas
  7. secret 64 bit version....we have Psunami somewhere but hadn't even thought to see whether it was 64bit....we did one job with it way back when and it was brilliant but slow, love to see how quick it is now with 9 :-) I'm off digging for it
  8. Hi Rod I upgraded to FZ7 a while back and instantly found issues with the fact export. Its been reported and they will be updating it in the next bug fix release....which is taking an age to come out probably because they have a lot of work to fix their component system which is very buggy (found that out some time into a complex nested project !!!). As Tomas says for now you can force the export to work correctly by checking the 'triangulate all facetted' option. I do get differing export results from FZ6.5 to FZ7 so I have both versions running just in case. Cheers James
  9. Fantastic work Ash, beautifully lit. You say unwrapping the UV's was a nightmare...dare I ask how you did it ? James
  10. Once again Cristobal's work inspires - damn he's good :-)
  11. Hey Mondoman - good call on the bexier 2 deformation - I've managed to almost replicate the curve (probably good enough for my purposes) using the tail split in two and each one having a bezier 2 deformation....now to animate it :-)
  12. Hi all, Looking for some basic help with rigging a tail - its part of a logo and I'm deconstructing the logo to animate it back into its final state. The pic attached shows the position it needs to finish in and it shows my initial attempts to rig it. I know I could animate the bones individually but as I understand this is what IK is for so I want to try and work it out properly. Steps so far ; 1. I created a straight mesh with the right thicknesses for the final logo - segmented enough to bend properly 2. Created bones along its length now, here's what I 'wanted' to
  13. Great comparison data for operating systems - and EI9 is just sooooo quick - Sponza in 8 seconds on my PC Slave - see uploaded results for details
  14. Well, in the interests of humanity I've taken the plunge...its not going great facially, Ned Flanders being my closest looky liky Anyhoo, if anyone would like a laugh it shall be growing here :-) http://uk.movember.com/mospace/5496557
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