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  1. Hi Nige, As Tom said I already did 360º fotage with EIAS, it works perfectly, the only thing is that you have to make an array of 6 cameras attached to a cube and then sew them in After Effects that the latest version already has a filter to sew these separate renders. If you need to do stereoscopic 360º then you have to put two arrays of 6 cameras each and separate them 6.5 cm to emulate the separation distance of human eyes. I you do still VR you have to use Cube Map proyection. Stereo side by side. If you do animation VR use spherical map proyection. Stereo over under.
  2. Hi, I have worked many times with .rpf in AE and works exactly as shown in the video tutorial except for one thing: the mask that generates EIAS has no antialiasing. Making corrections either color or depth of field objects edges are not clean. It works only if you make subtle corrections but if you make a big changes then you will see the objects edges. There is a solution mentioned here above, it is to render 2X needed size and reduce by 50% in AE, then the mask works better. But rather complicates a lot the workflow both EIAS and AE. If the antialiasing problem is solve
  3. Hi, Wow! not known, very interesting, after so many years! It would be nice to have a printable list of all keyboard shortcuts and Click + combinations in Animator. Thanks for sharing that.
  4. Hi Tom, I tested your lighting settings, it is wonderful! What you say about bounced colors it is really cool. This way of lighting scenes eliminates black in shadows and replaced it with color, it is much more realistic. Thank you very much for share it and explain how it works. I have Just a question about it: How is the subdivisions number in the hemisphere that contains the lighting image working? I made tests and the more subdivision in the hemisphere I use, I get more definition in the shadows and bumps. Please can you explain a little bit? Thanks Diego
  5. Ola Tom, Thank you very much for the sample .prj very interesting I'll give it a try instead of Adaptive Sky Map I usually use for outside scenes. Thanks Diego
  6. Ola Tom! Good job, I love the lighting and very well made materials, the cool sexy female troopers with belly dance and breakbeat, congratulation to you! Also the very well done instrument models from Reuben. One day you have time would be nice to know the lighting setup used in this scenario. Congratullations to all the Team. Cheers Diego
  7. Hi Thomo, I am constantly driving projects 20-25 million polys in Animator then become 30- 45 million polys in Camera and I have no problems to handle. I can animate camera and objects perfectly. Please, How big are the projects that Animator close to you? Thanks Diego
  8. Hi, I think a very good and useful idea, I missed it on many occasions, A section with materials, displacement and normal maps, terrains and environment setups. Thanks for propose Steven. Diego
  9. Hi, Here is a link to the mov, 3 years ago. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qjXNLTCh5jk Steven, Kmyst it is nice to work with it, the scale is a little critical and can take time to find the appropriate numbers, also on some camera tilts can cause problems but apart of that a good effect of clouds is achieved, much better than the built in Smoker which it is more to smoke effect than clouds. Flight thought scenes are slower to render but the results can be very good. I never used Mondo Clouds. Konkeptoine had very good plugins for sky, it's a shame that so many good tools are lost along
  10. Hi, KMyst it is also working here, I really miss not being able to use it in 64 bit, it is currently the only way to have volumetric clouds on EIAS 3D but not being ready for 64 bit does practically unusable for me. For this reason I earnestly request developers to include Kmyst in the Shaders list to be upgraded to 64 bits. Hi Joe, I remember that there is a sample document showing how to fly through the clouds, we've used it several times and it works great. This is a frame of a scene made with Kmyst evolving moving clouds, I love this Shader I hope to soon use it in 64 bits
  11. Hi Alonso, I use hi AA settings like 2x2 or 4x4 in both model options and general AA. This works almost always Thanks Diego
  12. Hi Greg, To me it makes sense what you say, this explains that the problem does not seem to be related to a specific project, I currently do not have many graphical applications on my PC but I will do some testing to see if I can reproduce the problem so well. Developers are taking note of the tests are doing here. I will try to saturate the graphics processor and let you know if the same problem occurs. Thanks Diego
  13. Hi Greg, I've never had this problem in my studio because it is not in my workflow, I use Mac for scene creation and I find easier to use a Mac as master Renderama Machine. The only time that happened to me was in Hamburg collaborating with the Planetarium of the city, developing an animation for full dome projection. They have all PC's and this problem about long time for "writing status" began to occur. To my surprise when Tom asked me to reproduce the same error in my studio I prepared a PC as Renderama Master and the error did not appear in any of the ways. So we are now waiting to
  14. Hi Thomo, My main PC machine is a Intel i7 CPU under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits 16GB RAMS and graphic card an Nvidia Quadro 600. Same for the slaves except the graphic card. All my projects are done in Mac. I tested with projects done in PC and the problem has not appeared. Please try to simplify to the maximum the project with which you are having this error, try deleting items until the problem disappears, then returns a step behind and then upload it to DropBox or similar and well see if in my render farm is still producing the same problem, see if we get so isolate the problem.
  15. Hi Thomo, Now is the moment to solve this issue about the endless "writing status" on PC master and PC render farm. I had this problem a few months ago working in Hamburg Planetarium. Now in my studio I have not been able to reproduce the same problem, I have a render farm with 10 x i7 PCs under Win7. I did two days of testing on PC Rama, I used up to six renders queued and interrupted them and activate them back, using heavy projects that I already knew had given me errors in Hamburg but I have not managed to reproduce the problem of endless "writing status" I had in Hamburg. It looks
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