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    Chris E

    Hi folks I'm currently running v8.0 and I'm missing something obvious I'm sure, but I've not addressed in all the time I've used EI. I can't get a to view anything but wireframe, extent or point in the map window. Flat, gourad or phong are just not working or occasionally will work, momentarily, but then blink out and I can't get them back. Changing engine doesn't make any difference. Is there something ridiculously obvious I'm missing in the settings? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Tom Blair has sorted it. I had the wrong installer, now using an older version which seems to be working ok. Thanks for taking the time to respond, much appreciated. Best regards. Chris.
  3. Hi Tom It's not got access to the web at all so you couldn't remote access. Very frustrating. I had a hard time getting hold of a copy of PD and can't get hold of the vendor to get it corrected which is a bit vexxing to say the least. Thanks. Etch
  4. Hi Tom That machine isn't connected to the web. I could just send you the zip file Blair sent me today? How do I message privately? Appologies, I'm new to this forum lark :) Etch
  5. Hi Tom Thanks for replying so quickly. I'm running EI on Mac.
  6. Hi Just got this plugin for use on a Mac (EIAS v8) and first time I try and use it it gives the same error code! Command info error - Plugin code not available Did this issue get sorted? Any help much appreciated. Etch
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