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  1. Thank you, Nige! I realise now how daft I must appear... It works now but I kept getting intersection errors at low settings so wasn't sure if it;s worth persisting. good to know!. This is where those pop-up texts help boxes would be useful for a quick reference to recommended settings. That would be a good feature for most of the dialog boxes, actually. Short of having a preview with simple sliders... It's been a while since I read the manual... I get confused when the number is a distance and when a ratio/coefficient. Thanks again! Smooth as anything now! I can do 4K.
  2. No setting in the EIAS Text Tool seems to make the geometry smoother than this. Am I missing something or is there a better tool/workflow for this?
  3. It looks like the built in EIAS DOF method involves rendering extra frames. I seem to remember an alternative involving a special light to produce a depth channel that can later be used to blur the clip in AFX. Is there a tutorial or even a set of basic instructions to get me set on the right track?
  4. Thank you. Got it now. Can I make the animator quit automatically when it launches Camera?
  5. hello, I'm dusting off eias in its 9th incarnation, after all these years I finally get into rendering. It says max memory at 2000mB, and it does seem like the camera is not taking proper advantage of this 2015 macbook pro... Also getting back into the Apple universe. can i no longer assign memory in the "get info" window? i remember back in the old days there was a utility that added features to the camera - one could even pause and resume a render... is it worth trying renderama? if i paid for the commercial blobby plugin, would it work in mojave eias 9 and would it be faster to render blobs? https://gyazo.com/01522182d3de15edb43be78cf4c17c5a
  6. Hi, I just joined. Still waiting for the new dongle. This is interesting. Personally, I've found Sketchup 3d to be the most intutitive modeller - even for importing into eias, and I've tried a few. if there is an alpha, I'd love to try it and help if I can. The more like sketchup 3d, I'd say, the better for eias users. It just snaps and extrudes so simply and intuitively. Great use of guides, automatic completion of shapes. More intuitive than any other program, I'd say. Make sure to include some sort of an easy geometric star/polyhedron tools. The best layer tools I've ever seen were in Form-Z. ghost, unghost, lock, unlock. certain functions are very repetitive. I'm still a fan of Illustrator88 :-) for simplicity of graphic interface... I hope it doesn't try to compete with maya in terms of complexity :-/
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