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  1. Guys, verision 10 does seem delayed, so will it still definitely come out, and will it be soon or at least during 2020 please ? I would really appreciate any further information. Anything tangible would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello Guys, It's been a while, Any thoughts or information at all please ? :)
  3. Thank you Paul P. Tomas, I'm very happy to hear there will be new character functions. Any rough estimate at all of when the new release might be please ?
  4. I am thinking very hard about getting EIAS3D for realistic character animation, but the final plunge would be quality and speed so I am trying to learn more about the software. I got the book from Amazon Professional 3D With Electric Image Universe by Lance Evans, and was really surprised to see mention of a software called Headgames by Graphlink Studios which apparently does realistic quality automated lipsync. I had never heard of it. Is it too good to be true ? Could anyone comment please ? Did it work on a dongle, and the biggest question of all - how do I get it ? Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks, I would like to get the material please, if you could please advise. Is anyone allowed to say anything about the EIAS3D 10 automation features for the face ?
  6. What is the current status of the face rigging dvd ? The Youtube video mentions automation - is it possible to elaborate a little please ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ4yhhwtaMY&t=8m10s Does EIAS3D 10 hit photorealistic facial animation in your view ? Many thanks (and the dvd looks great btw).
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