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  1. Eias3D Grasshopper

    Is EIAS10 still due to release ?

    Hello Guys, It's been a while, Any thoughts or information at all please ? :)
  2. Eias3D Grasshopper

    Headgames Automated Lipsync for EIAS3D ??

    Thank you Paul P. Tomas, I'm very happy to hear there will be new character functions. Any rough estimate at all of when the new release might be please ?
  3. I am thinking very hard about getting EIAS3D for realistic character animation, but the final plunge would be quality and speed so I am trying to learn more about the software. I got the book from Amazon Professional 3D With Electric Image Universe by Lance Evans, and was really surprised to see mention of a software called Headgames by Graphlink Studios which apparently does realistic quality automated lipsync. I had never heard of it. Is it too good to be true ? Could anyone comment please ? Did it work on a dongle, and the biggest question of all - how do I get it ? Thanks everyone.
  4. Eias3D Grasshopper

    AVTPro's ReadyRigs "FACIAL Animation" DVD

    Thanks, I would like to get the material please, if you could please advise. Is anyone allowed to say anything about the EIAS3D 10 automation features for the face ?
  5. Eias3D Grasshopper

    AVTPro's ReadyRigs "FACIAL Animation" DVD

    What is the current status of the face rigging dvd ? The Youtube video mentions automation - is it possible to elaborate a little please ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ4yhhwtaMY&t=8m10s Does EIAS3D 10 hit photorealistic facial animation in your view ? Many thanks (and the dvd looks great btw).