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  1. Ah, *patsch* of course... Solution for now: boot in Windows (bootcamp) so it would be native, right?
  2. Ok, and Catalina does not like EIAS?
  3. Hi Frank, why not native in High Sierra? Greetings Alex
  4. I had same issue (Forumsuhr ;-) The only way was to break apart the model. And by the way: the shader did not the job, i ended up in creating a Photoshop textur to put it on the needed parts.
  5. If we can dream it, we can make it :-)
  6. Don't forget Polytrans from Okino, imho the best way to reduce polys. Alex
  7. Tomas, any news? Did Bob send the code? Greetings, Alex
  8. Guys, you can't believe whats happened: Bob answered :-) He is the guy who built these plugs years ago and he contacted Tom :-) Now i can't wait what Tom will say.... Alex
  9. Mailed him, lets see and wait :-) Alex
  10. Maybe Bob Wagner is from Australia, i found some postings in a 3d forum - plugin related for vector works. And btw, here we go: Bolt and Gear for PPC on a Mac Alex
  11. Sorry no mail address... Bob Wagner and CAD Creation gives no result in the popular search engines. Does anyone know him here? Maybe the Igors? Alex
  12. @Mickael and all: no problem, i will put the plugs and readme files on my server and post the url for you all. Maybe someone can have a look and reinvent the plugs or better: put them into the next release of EI ;-) Alex
  13. Correction: There are two plugins: "Bolt" - for making screws and so on and "Gears" - for making all kinds of gears Great tools!! But running on a PPC.... My iBook with a sensational G3 Proz (at 768 MHz, really!) and 640MB ram runs the plugs fine (because the G4 won't start anymore :-( ) One word: cool! And thanks to Bob Wagner ;-) Did not ever met him, too bad :-) Alex
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