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  1. fantomaz

    Build that city, Cyberpunk kit for free

    Nice find! Thanks ;-)
  2. fantomaz

    Scratches Shader limited to regions?

    I had same issue (Forumsuhr ;-) The only way was to break apart the model. And by the way: the shader did not the job, i ended up in creating a Photoshop textur to put it on the needed parts.
  3. fantomaz

    Reviving of EI Modeler

    If we can dream it, we can make it :-)
  4. fantomaz

    Reduce polygon count

    Don't forget Polytrans from Okino, imho the best way to reduce polys. Alex
  5. fantomaz

    Happy Holidays EI people

    Merry X-Mas @ all :-)
  6. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Tomas, any news? Did Bob send the code? Greetings, Alex
  7. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Guys, you can't believe whats happened: Bob answered :-) He is the guy who built these plugs years ago and he contacted Tom :-) Now i can't wait what Tom will say.... Alex
  8. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Mailed him, lets see and wait :-) Alex
  9. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Maybe Bob Wagner is from Australia, i found some postings in a 3d forum - plugin related for vector works. And btw, here we go: Bolt and Gear for PPC on a Mac Alex
  10. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Sorry no mail address... Bob Wagner and CAD Creation gives no result in the popular search engines. Does anyone know him here? Maybe the Igors? Alex
  11. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    @Mickael and all: no problem, i will put the plugs and readme files on my server and post the url for you all. Maybe someone can have a look and reinvent the plugs or better: put them into the next release of EI ;-) Alex
  12. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Correction: There are two plugins: "Bolt" - for making screws and so on and "Gears" - for making all kinds of gears Great tools!! But running on a PPC.... My iBook with a sensational G3 Proz (at 768 MHz, really!) and 640MB ram runs the plugs fine (because the G4 won't start anymore :-( ) One word: cool! And thanks to Bob Wagner ;-) Did not ever met him, too bad :-) Alex
  13. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Found it! In the darkest corner of my office, on an old HD called: EI stuff and cracks and more It was a plug called "Bolt" and it was developed by Bob Wagner (CAD Creations) in 2001. Of course to use with PPC..... Look at it click me for gears.... Now i have to reactivate my good old PowerBook G4 and install EI 7 and than hopefully the gears will go! Alex
  14. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Hi Tom, i wish i could! The project above sleeps in my backups, but the plugs are gone :-( There are two HDs left to look on if they have an old OS with EI and the gear plug-in in it. I thought that the internet will never forget something, but in this case gear4.plm will bring no results when you google that - tooooo bad. Does anyone have good experience with parametric surface plug-in? There is a preset for gears, but it doesn't look so good like the gear plug-in. Too few parameters to tweak and play with it. Or is there an other option or app to built gears out there? Alex
  15. fantomaz

    Gear plugin?

    Uhhh, found a prj with the use of gear in it, it was in 2008 ...... At that time we had PPC (on a Mac) right? The plugin let you create gears in various shapes. The prj windows says: gear4.plm, but unfortunately i had no idea where the plug is gone :-( Does anyone knows anything about it???? Alex