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  1. Hi Tom Yes I think I got the dongle installed ok. It seemed fine when I ran the installer. It just that I can't open EIAS 8 at all. It throws up the error message that I posted in the last post. I know I should upgrade to EIAS 9, but having bought a new Mac Pro and the intel dongle, I'm a little short on cash and so I was hoping get up to date, one stage at a time, i.e. trying to get EIAS 8 to work in the mean time. Robert
  2. Hi, Has anyone managed to get EIAS working with OSX 10.9 - Maverick. I tried everything and I'm at a bit of lost to know what to do. Robert
  3. Thanks Tom. I have managed to install the dongle but Animator just comes up with this error message. Also I notice that Transporter won't open as it appears to be a PowerPC app. Was there ever an intel version. Sorry to trouble you on this friday. Robert
  4. Long story - but in brief I have finally bought a new Mac Pro and my first intel Mac!! I have purchased a new EIAS dongle and I am trying to install EIAS 8. The Universal Dongle installer doesn’t seem to work with OSX 10.9. Has anyone got any advice on how I can get up and running again. Many thanks Robert
  5. Wow a post with my name in the title! Sorry for the slow response, but I have been away from internet contact. I'm glad people still remembered the film and enjoyed it. Soon I'm going to put a good quality version of the film online. I never done it before as you could buy it from the iTunes Store. I managed to convince Patterson to work on it by sending him a load of images from the film. Luckily it turned out that his wife was a architect and really loved the images and pushed him to do. He was great and freakily looked just like my real dad. This post has come at a really good time as
  6. Ola Thomas Thanks as always for your help. Wow I didn't know about png, that's a big saving of hard drive space, especially as I am working on a 18 minute animation! I did more tests last night and it seems that I can bring the png files into FC and then set the compression to something like h264. This alows the footage to be played in the app. Then when you export the final file, put the setting back to png and the quality returns. It seems to use the original files to generate the edit and not the compressed ones. This seems quite straight forward and makes sense. Being new to FC I
  7. Sorry this is a little off topic, but you are the most helpful and smartest people I know! I am trying to find a good pipe line for editing my HD Electric Image animation, without the lost of quality in Final Cut Pro 6. I have graded my animations in After Effect and exported them as Quicktime files using the Animation codex. I now want to edit the files in FC and then export one Quicktime file still using the Animation codex, ie I don’t want to lose any quality in the process. When I set up FC what are the best settings to use. So far I have but in 1920x1080, sq pixels and using the q
  8. Hi All I just happened to click on an old link to the Ei Technology web site and notice that they have built a new site! Very strange as it has been just a holding page for over a year. Are they still going to be a part of EIAS future? Robert http://eitechnologygroup.com/
  9. Have you selected inherit scale on all the children and not just the parent? Also if the children aren't parked Eg their xyz are not 0,0,0 you can end up with strange results. Hope this helps. Robert
  10. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am in a desperate need to get hold of the UB versions of Konkeptoine’s brilliant Conception Three shaders. I use them all the time in my EIAS work and so it has meant that I have had to stick with EIAS 6.5 even though I own 8.0! Unfortunately my aging G5 finally died last night and I’m going to have to get an Intel machine to replace it. Does anyone know a way that I could get an upgrade? I have tried emailing David on the old Konkeptoines email address but that doesn’t work any more. I am happy to pay for the upgrade even thought it was always
  11. Thanks Tom, Yep I have obj2fac. I have managed to bring the models into EIAS ok - it was more the displacement maps I was having a problem with. I thought there might be a process of converting the .exr into an 'image' bump or normal map. It sounds as if I might just have to go for Phil's offer. Cheers Robert
  12. I have finally started learning modo even though it's been sitting on my computer for the last few years. So I have lots of basic questions about importing models into EIAS - sorry. I have created a model with displacement maps. How do I bring these into EIAS? They are saved as .exr but it seems that they can also be done in targa etc. Are these the same as Normal maps? I'm still using 6.5 even though I have 7.0. Can this be done in these versions or do I need to upgrade to 8.0? I notice that it says that exr files are now supported or is there a work around for the older versions? T
  13. Ok, whilst we are on the subject of landscape. Please can the situation with Conception Three Shaders be sorted out. A UB version exist but no one wants to sale me an upgrade! By the way does EITG still own all the other Konkeptoine plugins or have these been sold to EIAS3D as well. Cheers Robert Ps loving the new forums.
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