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  1. Ian

    NX Shading System v2014

    Excellent news! Congrats Luis! Ian
  2. Well it seems like a win / win situation to me! It would be great to finally see the Paralumino gems back out in the wild! Ian
  3. Haha! Good lord look at my hair! I swear I look like an adult now... Thanks Richard, every the community stalwart! Ian
  4. Hi all, Does anyone still have my old Paralumino tutorials knocking about? HyperGlass and Pacifica specifically. Is it possible you could dropbox them/ weTransfer them to me? Many thanks! Ian Edited: I'll not be able to release them publicly, but I'd still like copies for myself.
  5. I like this idea :) Here's a link to Vray's implementation for reference if needed: http://help.chaosgroup.com/vray/help/150SP1/vrayplane_params.htm
  6. Ian

    Alisdair Jones Demo Reel

    Great work!
  7. Ian

    Match Move

    How do Al, SynthEyes works really well with EIAS, I used it recently, let us know if you get stuck... Ian
  8. Ian

    Asteroid Collision

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :) Ace work, Ian
  9. Ian

    Architecture homemade artwork

    Great work, and nice website! Félicitations ;) Ian
  10. Hi Markus, EIAS 9 is looking really, very nice, I have been doing some lovely (and FAST) renders with Camera 64 MP. It seems like, for the moment at least, the dongle is here to stay (I recently noticed that the number of apps we use here that require dongles is increasing, not decreasing...). Maybe Tomas can say more :) Ian
  11. Ian

    obj import with UVs

    Hi Apu, Have you tried opening the .obj with File > Open in Animator? It will use the FBX importer to convert the OBJ file, and UVs should stay in tact. The same for .3ds files, these will also be translated with 'File > Open'. Looking to the future, EIAS 9's import system is virtually bullet proof (and it is still being improved). It makes my life so very much easier.
  12. Ian

    shader question

    Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding this, but you don't need to save the texture, you can do it in Animator: 1. Select the material ball 2. Copy 3. Go to the material of the destination object 4. IMPORTANT: Click the material ball 5. Paste texture It should be in the same world space. Best, Ian
  13. Ian

    ...creating "water" in Electric Image

    You can do fairly realistic oceans and basic floating objects in EIAS right out of the box. The runwave deformer is one of my favourite parts of EI. Ian
  14. Ian

    Matching a lens

    Hi Ken, yes, you make the conversion to the equivalent focal length. Best, Ian