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  1. Hi mates After some years out of 3d world, I have booked for a bit of time to make a small video. Hope U like it Alberto
  2. alareta

    Maria Sibylla Merian's butterflies

    Thanks mates! :-)
  3. alareta

    Affinity Photo plugin & IMG files

    Hola U can also render in .img format (if split image is needed,...) an use a free image converter like this Alberto PD Affinity is great!
  4. alareta

    Free IKEA 3D Furnitures

    Thanks Tom!
  5. Hola Greg! Excellent work, superb integration, the vegetation is fantastic. Congratulations, Great job. Keep on sharing! Alberto
  6. alareta

    Cristobal's new movie

    Hi Superb work as always. He also have some stunning new premium tutorials (not free)
  7. alareta

    New install crashing on startup

    Hi, probably a permissions problem. See if the application have the necessary privileges. I remember I had a similar problem a month ago. Good luck!
  8. alareta

    Incorrect Clip map reflection

    Get up get up get up get on up stay on the scene Thanks Richard :) Sometimes is better to use a reflection sky map instead of floor own reflection
  9. alareta

    Incorrect Clip map reflection

    Hi all An old bug never fixed I guess Can be recreated easily, take a plane (card), a diffuse texture whit & clipmap and a reflective surface, as seen in the example the reflection does not take into account the clipmap. Alberto BUG_alpha_CM_03.mov Trying to reduce it to upload It seems to happen when floor (deformed plane) is set to cast no reflection in order to reflect only "reflection sky map", but changin camera position problem appear or not. Alberto
  10. alareta

    Incorrect Clip map reflection

    Hi Richard I have send a .prj to Tom, but i upload it here, the problem is when setting floor to cast no reflection i guess :) Alberto CLIPMAP_BUG.zip
  11. alareta

    Incorrect Clip map reflection

    Hi Tom I make a little zip but i didn´t see how to submit it in link you provided. Mail to U? Alberto
  12. alareta

    TreeSketch 2.0

    Hi again A test using TreeSketch :) Alberto
  13. alareta

    TreeSketch 2.0

    Hi all It export an FBX flavour that eias8 don't understand, but u can downgrade FBX using free autodesk FBX converter and open it in eias8 whit uv's in 2 groups, leaves & trunk. It works fine. A cool & useful app :) Cheers Alberto
  14. alareta

    TreeSketch 2.0

    Thanks a lot yhloon :) Alberto
  15. Hi all First Cristobal VIla´s Tutorial premium , thus far only in Spanish. Muy, muy bueno. bye
  16. alareta


    Really cool !! Impressive, as always, on the other hand :) Did u make the flash comp also Jens? cheers Alberto
  17. alareta

    first photon interior work

    Hi all A recent interior work, the first using photons. Hope you like it :)
  18. alareta

    Architectural work

    Hi Michael, nice work, very balanced in all its facets. I like it. Please post your future demoreel :) Cheers
  19. alareta

    Ukiyo-e animation sketch

    Hi Mark thanks :) Is a little off topic but very interesting work is pure and simple programming. cheers Alberto
  20. alareta

    Ukiyo-e animation sketch

    Hi all An animation studio based in Ukiyo-e Japanese prints Koi cheers
  21. alareta

    Ukiyo-e animation sketch

    Thank you gents :) Alberto