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    VFX Breakdown

    Hi Thomo. I'm about 6 months late to the party it seems. Apologies! I took a detour doing physical production and directing work for a while and haven't been on the EIAS forums for a bit. Thanks for the inquiry and I hope your project worked out. You can always contact me anytime through my website: http://www.kevinpowellstudio.com Cheers.
  2. Hi all. I whipped together another little VFX breakdown of a shot to share. Wanted to see how quickly I could create a shot from beginning to end with some character rigging and animation, cloth and dynamic sims using EIAS. About a week of work all in all. Took quite a bit of fiddling to get SimCloth to cooperate, but worked out OK in the end. Hope to upgrade to V9 soon and give Bullet dynamics a go on something like this. • Shot the plate in RAW on my BMPCC • Shot & created my own environment HDR's to match the plate • 3D Tracked in PFTrack - Camera data exported to EIAS • Character and Vehicle Rigged and Animated in EIAS • SimCloth & Rodeo • Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering in EIAS • Compositing in AE http://kevinpowellstudio.com/portfolio-item/vfx-breakdown/
  3. kpow

    VFX Breakdown

    Awesome! Thanks Tomas! I edited privacy settings to allow posting anywhere...
  4. kpow

    VFX Breakdown

    Hi all. Been busy for quite some time and meaning to get around to posting some new works created with EIAS. Finally have some down time so thought I'd share. Here's a little VFX shot I created a quick breakdown for. Hope you like! http://kevinpowellstudio.com/portfolio-item/wings-vfx-breakdown/ Some details about the shot: • Shot the plate in RAW on my BMPCC • 3D Tracked in PFTrack - Camera data exported to EIAS • Modeling in Silo • Rigged and Animated in EIAS - Wing/Feather rig using Null Controllers and Xpressionist • Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering in EIAS • Compositing in AE
  5. Tossed together a new little reel showing some recent VFX and animation work and thought I'd share. Lots of EIAS and Compositing in AE. http://kevinpowellstudio.com/portfolio-item/vfx-reel/
  6. Tom - You rock! I'll report back...
  7. Hey everyone. I have a rather complicated scene/object animated in EIAS with bones and deformations that needs to go to C4D to add hair/feathers to the animated object. I'm using EIAS V8. Curious if there's a way to accomplish this quickly using V8? Perhaps it's time to upgrade to V9 if FBX export is the solution? Thanks
  8. I just posted some new stuff on my website... This piece in particular is using SSS to attempt to achieve flesh/skin. I'm also using reactive shaders(for the first time) for the erosion effect. http://kevinpowellstudio.com/the-eroding-hand-vfx-shot/
  9. Two of the three national spots I recently completed for Sports Authority. Check em out... All EIAS! Be sure to watch them in HD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdpS-SWCAbU&list=UUCYNO-B9O70H8DnxpSsuu5w&index=1
  10. Hi friends. I'm trying to do something very simple, apply a bump array shader to an ubershape sphere to create a golfball. For the life of me, I can't seem to get the settings to work. I get close, but there are random divets that end up being oddly sized and spaced on the sphere. I've tried both the geometry and diffuse channels and lots of different settings for the shader. Anyone accomplished this very simple task before that could share settings would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Ah. I see. Thanks for the info Richard. Too bad it doesn't exist in this form anymore - the preview window and settings seem more intuitive. Thanks for the replies!
  12. Hmmm... Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what I currently have as well. It differs from the V8 manual descriptions and interface however. Here's what's in the manual for V8... And, here's the particle plugin in eias V8... Maybe I'm confused and Power Particles Basic is covered in the manual but needs(or needed) to be purchased... Just seems a bit weird to me. Anyone?
  13. So, killing a bit of time today, I decided to read through the V8 manual just to refresh a few eias workflow topics. I'm embarrassed to say that I have never really had a need to use eias for any particle simulations so I decided to read up on that subject. Am I crazy, or is there no such thing as the Power Particles Basic plugin? It's covered well in the manual for V8, however doesn't appear to actually exist within my sockets folder, on the install disc, or anywhere online...? Is this available for download somewhere? I am aware of the now defunct Power Particles Pro, but it appears I should have Power Particles Basic?
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