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  1. Yes, Marvelous Designer. Maya users also use MD.
  2. I'm working on a project and I needed to refresh myself on cloth sim. Here's a sample in EIAS. https://youtu.be/mja9IARxX5w Here's my original sample in Maya https://youtu.be/xWL_buygkYU
  3. Thanks for inquiring. Status: No Momentum. So I sent the videos out as is. It wasn't finished but with good value and "way more" than enough to learn facial morphs in EIAS. I haven't given up on the Face Rig Anim DVD. I will finish it and send out a final DVD but probably after the EIAS 10 is out. if you are interested I can look it over, send what I have, and try to rekindle momentum on a final. I still offer 1 hour or so support with the DVD. In my view, EIAS could always do realistic facial animation with BlendShape Editor. The girl in the video I did in an old version of EIAS. Here's a sample of Maya rig I am doing some facial animation on now, but it's all the same thing as my Deformer Rig DVD. Cartoon Rig
  4. Here's a sample of an animation that only started out as a test but snowballed into a final render. I'm helping with beta as I have with EIAS for decades. ;-) They gave me a model from Mixamo that had facial morphs. I was only testing the face so I used an audio snippet. I set up the voice recognition in MotionBuilder. Then I animated the expressions and eyes. I also added the body motion from Mixamo but edited the fingers and gesture to match the dialog. I used Maya for the hair and cloth dynamics. Tomas and I did some extra researching on caching and I picked up a few new tricks with FBX. Everything was sent to David who is a phenomenal render wrangler. He added lights and adjusted textures. He even did the camera move. I really like the images he saw. It amazed me that this started out as only a test. Thanks. Artistically Yours, Alonzo Von Threet Kami in Kitchen Render or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMK7OWYg9Ck
  5. Pre-orders have been slow and development has linger. However, I'm trying to tie this up by the end of next month. If you're interested order now before the final price. Here's another exert. Simple import overview. https://youtu.be/biMdmmxTEMc Here's a sample facial animation I did with dynamics in EIAS for David Wu's rendering of the kitchen and girl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMK7OWYg9Ck
  6. Here's a sample of an animation I did in Maya and imported it into EIAS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBwdA7eag9A Here's the original I did in Maya. Just thought I would see how EI like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S-HL1u1TSw
  7. This is a facial animation test that evolved into a full render with the help of David Wu. We do all kind of stuff, crowds and dynamics. If you would like our assists with your projects feel free to contact us. avtpro5@mac.com. Also, the Facial Rig DVD is still in production. $75. (athreet@adelphia.net) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVcSA3u0sZc
  8. I had a bit of a delay. I was working on a bid for a project with Tomas and David Wu. Thanks for your patience. The first half of the DVD is done. So far, It's mainly discussions and working overviews of the process. The second half of the DVD will be a step by step of creating a character faces, morph and rig for animation. I also have a ZBrush tutorial of face modeling (https://gumroad.com/l/bEfBl). There will be a second half of that tutorial which will be in the second part of the DVD. It's long and drawn out again just like my other DVDs. So I guess that just the way I communicate all the info that I feel is necessary to know. At least, you will fully understand the main principle to successfully execute or correct the procedures. I may edit them down. Right now they are still drafts. However the second part of the DVD will be more formalize. Lastly, none of this is concrete. I may edit the drafts or cancel them out. These draft are videos that are acceptable. There's more but it's yet to be decided if I will show them or not. I'll give everything another QA look once I'm done. All the videos are not compressed so I have to do that as well before the final release. Again, I will send the modeling part shortly, it was done a couple month ago. The hardest part of this DVD is figuring out what face to do. ;-) I hope all this is useful and let me know what you think. If you have any question please feel free to ask. You get an hour or so of tech support if need be. I'm using EIAS 9.1 because it's great. For modeling, I use Maya and Zbrush. You can use whatever you like. Face Rig DVD: INTRO Link: https://youtu.be/GZ4yhhwtaMY Pre-Order for $75 via PayPal: athreet@adelphia.net Thanks Alonzo
  9. I have been doing crowd simulations for over a year or so. I started with Golaem and Robot races but recently I have been using Miarmy. I have several samples that I imported into EIAS via FBX as well as Maya preview renders. I am a freelancer so feel free to contact me for architecture projects. I do stairs as well. It's all very flexible and affordable. https://youtu.be/brOTUHBbCO0 Sound so watch your speaker volume https://youtu.be/mGmJotMRbf8 Diverse Troops https://youtu.be/CUsfOzGTZOw Fired up 2 sound https://youtu.be/c4zg3jkhSbc Terrains https://youtu.be/W6DCbjjTENI Mutant Multitude https://youtu.be/-f0iX_NdMGM Mutant Multitude Colors https://youtu.be/jW45sMtxzRI
  10. AVTPro's ReadyRigs Facial Rig DVD Update: I am charting out the DVD with a clear outline and will start recording shortly. There's so many options for facial animation these days that I'm focusing on sticking to the script and EIAS features. However, I will be discussing lots of facial rig/animation options in a concise informative overviews. pre-sale PayPal $75 to athreet@adelphia.net. Thanks.
  11. I'm still working toward this. Currently I'm doing research and development. I had some recent successes in the software and technique that will make the process much more automated. i'm still accepting pre orders as well.
  12. Yes, what's funny, I didn't write that list. It was requested but I was thinking yes. Perfect timing. Why didn't I think to do it sooner. ahah. It will be perfect for all the new feature coming in the upcoming upgrade. Don't forget, send $75 PayPal because it will change soon..
  13. Good News. I had a very pleasant surprise on my birthday June 15th. An EIAS3D user that purchased my ReadyRigs DVD a year or so ago sent $75 to my paypal (athreet@adelphia.net) for an early bird pre-order purchase! So it's a GO! I will be accepting more pre-orders at the same price for $75 for the new ReadyRigs Facial Animation. As a bonus I will "release" sections during production and final pricing. ($85 to 125). So if you want to get it early again my Paypal is athreet@adelphia.net. Also, I plan to do at least two more DVD's. At least on MotionBuilder DVD and one special interest DVD on Natural Motion Endorphin. Here's a compilation of some of my lastest Works and Wips. AVT Dynamic Character Animation Show Reel Here's what I have been requested but I can still add other elements with pre-orders. I will be talking about hair and things I have in my other animations. ____________________________________________________________________________ Modeling: • How to make correct facial topology and edge loops on the face. Without good edge loops the face won't deform well. • How to set up morphs for only the head on a single mesh character. Makes it easier not to do each facial morphs on the whole body. Rigging: *Morphs for eyebrows and eyelashes. • How to model expression. Happy, Sad etc. * How to model phenomes so the character can speak. • Discusion on automatic facial rigs. Mocap, Tracking, GUI. Live Audio. Animation •Setting the EIAS •MorphsWindow and F-Curve. •Keyframing Morphs Would you have the time to look into making a DVD for this? If you do have time, can you please give me a price and I could pay you up front for the tutorials. Hope to hear from you soon
  14. I use an older discontinued program called Endorphin by Natural Motion to animate my dynamic ragdoll characters. Lately I have been simply retargeting scene as if they were only MoCap FBX animation. I use MotionBuilder to edit mocap and I use Maya for some secondary dynamics. All three of these programs use FBX which I export to EIAS. If I still need to tweak any animation I do it EIAS. This is my freelance pipeline for years. So usually I have a bunch on non rendered animation but when I do render it's usually EIAS. I'm starting to render more in Maya but nothing beats EIAS for speed and ease of use. IMHO. My character animation process is what is now called "Hybrid Animation". It's not keyframe, it's not just Mocap, and some of it simulations using Artificial Intelligence and Controlled Ragdolled Physic Simulation or Dynamic Motion Synthesis. Here's a sample: New AVT Dynamic Character Motion Show Reel (In the first sample with the girl talking, I use MoCap from Mixamo for the body in which I tweaked her left hand in Mobu. I did her facial animation in Mobu with their Voice Device for the lipsync. I did the hair and cloth dynamic in Maya. It's not a render just a preview but it could have easily been done in EIAS as well from scratch. There's a few EIAS render in the film.) Endorphin I bought Endorphin 2.7.1 just before the company sold but use the older version more to learn. Endorphin 2.5.2 or MotionBuilder 7.5 OSX aren't really for final renders though i use it as such. It's front-end character animation technology. Even the older discontinued versions are great.
  15. Updating a couple new animation I did in EIAS the other day Pumpkin Hulk
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