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  1. Hi all, just for Info and to close this thread, Tomas helped me to fix this issue and EIAS 9 runs fine in HighSierra now. He also showed me an interesting feature of EIAS 10. So stay tuned for a good news in 2020! Happy new year to all. Frankg
  2. Hi Tomas, thank you for your assistance. I will send you a message soon. Frank
  3. Adobe CS6 runs perfectly in HighSierra as guest OS. Bootcamp is still supported, but I don’t think I like it. I will check out why EIAS does not find that file later.
  4. Because the nee 16“ MacBook Pro runs only Catalina. regards Frankg
  5. Hi, I just tried to get EIAS running in HighSierra as Guest OS in Parallels. It sees the dongle, but refuses to start with following error message: Cannot allocate needed 3D Icon "IconBody_Camera" from EI Resource folder. I looked at the resource folder the questioned file is there. Any idea how to fix? Best regards Frankg
  6. Hi Tomas, probably the dongle causes problems, but I will try. regards Frankg
  7. Hi Tomas, Since I buy this machine very soon. Could EIAS run in Parallels under An older MacOS as guest system? regards Frankg
  8. Hmmm… if I buy this 64 GB Ram monster during the black week how long do I have to wait for EIAS 10 to load tons of GB files in? :) Regards Frankg
  9. Same here, but I doubt that. By the way anyone who got CUDA running on a MacBook Pro Mid 2010 with NVIDIA GT 330m under High Sierra? regards Frankg
  10. Ah, this is exactly what I thought. I had a very good looking solution, but then EIAS crashed and I lost the result. Needles to say I struggle to achieve it again. By the way: Das Internet ist schon ein Dorf, oder? :) Die Uhr ist toll geworden. Regards Frankg
  11. Hello Tomas, first only still, but who knows. Probably I need to animate it. I tried to set the shader only to selected polys and to limit the region which covers the model, but I get always the same result. The shader affects the whole model. regards Frankg
  12. Hi all, is it possible to assign the scratches shader only to parts of a model without cutting the model into parts? I have a watch housing which is partly polished and partly brushed, but the model is one single part. Best regards Frankg
  13. Thank you that helps. best regards Frankg
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