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  1. Hi all, just for Info and to close this thread, Tomas helped me to fix this issue and EIAS 9 runs fine in HighSierra now. He also showed me an interesting feature of EIAS 10. So stay tuned for a good news in 2020! Happy new year to all. Frankg
  2. Hi Tomas, thank you for your assistance. I will send you a message soon. Frank
  3. Adobe CS6 runs perfectly in HighSierra as guest OS. Bootcamp is still supported, but I don’t think I like it. I will check out why EIAS does not find that file later.
  4. Because the nee 16“ MacBook Pro runs only Catalina. regards Frankg
  5. Hi, I just tried to get EIAS running in HighSierra as Guest OS in Parallels. It sees the dongle, but refuses to start with following error message: Cannot allocate needed 3D Icon "IconBody_Camera" from EI Resource folder. I looked at the resource folder the questioned file is there. Any idea how to fix? Best regards Frankg
  6. Hi Tomas, probably the dongle causes problems, but I will try. regards Frankg
  7. Hi Tomas, Since I buy this machine very soon. Could EIAS run in Parallels under An older MacOS as guest system? regards Frankg
  8. Hmmm… if I buy this 64 GB Ram monster during the black week how long do I have to wait for EIAS 10 to load tons of GB files in? :) Regards Frankg
  9. Same here, but I doubt that. By the way anyone who got CUDA running on a MacBook Pro Mid 2010 with NVIDIA GT 330m under High Sierra? regards Frankg
  10. Ah, this is exactly what I thought. I had a very good looking solution, but then EIAS crashed and I lost the result. Needles to say I struggle to achieve it again. By the way: Das Internet ist schon ein Dorf, oder? :) Die Uhr ist toll geworden. Regards Frankg
  11. Hello Tomas, first only still, but who knows. Probably I need to animate it. I tried to set the shader only to selected polys and to limit the region which covers the model, but I get always the same result. The shader affects the whole model. regards Frankg
  12. Hi all, is it possible to assign the scratches shader only to parts of a model without cutting the model into parts? I have a watch housing which is partly polished and partly brushed, but the model is one single part. Best regards Frankg
  13. Thank you that helps. best regards Frankg
  14. Hi, I've got a single fact file which is composed of several items which are arranged in a circle. Could I separate them, so I can animate each of the items alone? Best regards Frankg
  15. Hi, I've got a single fact file which is composed of several items which are arranged in a circle. Could I separate them, so I can animate each of the items alone? Best regards Frankg
  16. You will see in the next upgrade. Be patient :) By the way: any plans for scripting? Scnr.
  17. Hi Tomas, thank you for the quick reply. I know actually EIAS handles different image file types very well. But I still have some .img texture files in older projects. As a workaround i found that GraphicConverter can open and convert image files for Affinity Photo. Regards Frank
  18. Hi, any chance to get the Electric image format plugin in a 64bit version for Mac, so it can run in Affinity Photo? I'm trying to replace all Adobe Software by alternatives :) Best regards Frank
  19. Thank you Tomas. Seems the whole 2017 suite is full of bugs. We had a fight with AE 2017 because the new preview did not work with big screens until the last update. I'm trying to switch to Affinity. Couldn't say how Adobe annoys me. regards Frankg
  20. Hi Thomo, Thanks for the very detailed and helpful information. regards Frank
  21. Hi all, any idea how to get plants like these for architectural renderings. Any suggestions are very welcome. best regards Frankg
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