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  1. Ola Grasshoper! We are running, fixing bugs all day, polishing the App. We will release v10 this year for sure as soon as possible! You can message me privately anytime! Thanks a lot Tom
  2. Ola my friend! Msg us anytime :) Thanks Tom
  3. Ola! Im running 10.13.6 and 10.14.x Everything working fine, probably you don't have a fixed IP address on this Mac, or you have a Ethernet cable and Wi-fi On at same time, which can confuse Rama / Slave. Thanks a lot! Tom
  4. Ola Maher!Your project rendered in v10, using both shaders, Wisp and Crude.ThanksTom
  5. Ola Maher! Thanks a lot.. I will test it soon! Tom
  6. Ola Joseph! We are polishing the last feature, after that only bug fixing for release.. we are working non-stop! We are anxious to finish it. Thanks Tom
  7. Ola Maher! Could you send me a really simple project which make Camera crash with Wisp? Thanks Tom
  8. Ola Frank! Its secret :) Thanks Tom
  9. Hey Frank! Just read your first post! the problem is the new OS security system, please, install TeamViewer.com and msg me in private, I will remotely fix your mac :) Thanks Tom
  10. Yes, because Catalina is a full 64 bits OS, EIAS 9.1 still 32 bits. Thanks Tom
  11. Ola Maher! Really beautiful! send me the free mini-kit link, please. Tom
  12. Ola Maher, The built-ins plugins will be fine, the plug-ins we support in our website will be ported too, Blair's plug-ins are already 64, only the really old ones from other companies will not work most probably because they are 32 bits. Thanks Tom
  13. Ola Rory, Just answered your email, you will just need to upgrade, don't need a full copy. Thanks Tom
  14. Ola Rory! So, hold back a bit before you sell your copy, v10 will address a lot of these issues :) Thanks Tom
  15. Ola Rory! Sad you are leaving the team :( Hope you come back again in the future! Thanks Tom
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