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  1. Ola Joseph, We are here crushing bugs non stop, less and less bugs, but we still have some important ones to solve. Any doubt, msg me. Thanks Tom
  2. Ola Dan! Send me later a simple scene and I show you How it works on EIAS 9.1 Thanks Tom
  3. Ola Dan! If you need to render a still image and its using Raytrace, opening in EIAS 9.1 Demo, you will be able to use all Ram of your Mac on Camera and Its also multithreaded :) Thanks Tom
  4. Ola Dan! Its possible in EIAS 9.1, please, send me a private email: tom@eias3d.com I can send you a sample project and How to play with EIAS 9.1 Thanks Tom
  5. Ola Dan! Cool it worked :) We improved even more EIAS v10 import system! Thanks Tom
  6. Ola Dan! tom@eias3d.com Thanks Tom
  7. Ola Dan! Lets do it tomorrow, don't worry with your current mac :) Thanks Tom
  8. Ola Dan, Minimal system: Macintosh: OS 10.6.X or newer, Intel processor, 1GB RAM, 32-bit 3D Graphics card with at least 256MB of memory, USB Port Its compatible with 10.13.X, probably is giving a problem with the new OS Gatekeeper security system, please, install TeamViewer.com, then, msg me in private, I will control remotely your machine and fix the problem, a few minutes :) Thanks Tom
  9. Ola Dan, If you want, send me the model :) I can test here.. EIAS 9.1 loads .OBJ with material and textures if the model use UV space. EIAS v10 will have even more options :) Thanks Tom
  10. Ola Dan! At least you were able to run OBJ2FACT.. long time I don't use it :) Thanks Tom
  11. Ola Dan! Deal, any problem, please, msg me, I will help. Thanks Tom
  12. Ola Dan! Please, try to import in the EIAS 9.1 Demo app, see if it works, using .fact or .obj, it will convert for you. Thanks Tom
  13. Ola Dan! I can send you a EIAS 9.1 Expiration code, so, you can play with a newer version if you want :) Thanks Tom
  14. Ola Dan! Please, try to use this dongle Installer: EI Capitan Dongle Installer EIAS 8.0 will be better than EIAS 7.01 for sure, Try to Install EIAS 9.1 and message me directly, tom@eias3d.com Thanks Tom
  15. Ola my friend! Which OS are you running? Is it possible to create a HD Partition or a second HD to Install Mojave? We are doing v10 bug fixing right now, lots everyday.. Please, send me a private message. Thanks Tom
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