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  1. Ola Djamel! Please, send me a email: tom@eias3d.com I will fix your mac :) Thanks Tom
  2. Ola Djmael! Please, try this dongle installer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljyal6mz5goc8hy/El_Capitan_OSX_Dongle_Installer.zip?dl=0 Thanks Tom
  3. Ola my friend Mark! We did our steps for performance :) You will see it.. Thanks Tom
  4. Ola Paul! Since we use EIAS everyday in the projects, we did all possible changes in this release to make it modern for our workflow, Im pretty sure, our user base will benefit it a lot of it. Allowing next upgrades to be easier to release and faster. Thanks a lot for your kind words P :) Tom
  5. Ola Paul! Its his wish, sure, Im personal wish is a poly modeler built-in too :) Thanks Tom
  6. Hey Jeff! Interesting post! btw: As you know, I am an EIAS user too! so, since we do lots of TV ads and VFX. our goal is bring EIAS asap "into the 21st. Century" as you wrote hehe.. I hope we will please, lots of request from our user base! Including you of course :) Yes, we are a small team with a lot of passion to EIAS, trying to be clear about what took so long on this upgrade, some important changes we did, generated a "cascade" effect, pushing us to re-write from scratch more and more the old code. And recent external changes from Apple added more delay on our side, Apple killed 32 bits apps, Apple killed Quicktime on Windows and a lot more.. so, we had a balance between big code changes, new features to make us and the user base happy, lots of optimizations to show we are faster and easier than the other apps for sure :) Our goal after v10: make smaller upgrades to be always in contact with our user base, hearing all demands and make always EIAS fresh! Thanks a lot Tom
  7. Ola my friend, Just tried to send you a email back, but the message returned with an error from your server :( I sent again using another email :) Thanks Tom
  8. Ola my friend! Here :) You will use the FOG Trick, take a look in the video. EI DoF Lens Blur Here the sample projects. DEPTH_EI.zip Thanks Tom
  9. Ola Zig! Why do you need to quit Animator when Camera launches? :) Thanks Tom
  10. Ola Zig! Are you using EIAS 9.1, right? not 9.0 :) Double click on Camera / Go to menu bar / File / Settings Change your Camera from 32 bits to 64 bits mode :) Click Optimal to use all Ram Available. In the file Menu, you can pause or Hide Camera too :) Thanks Tom
  11. Ola Joseph! Thanks a lot for the Tip! Tom
  12. Ola Grasshoper! We are running, fixing bugs all day, polishing the App. We will release v10 this year for sure as soon as possible! You can message me privately anytime! Thanks a lot Tom
  13. Ola my friend! Msg us anytime :) Thanks Tom
  14. Ola! Im running 10.13.6 and 10.14.x Everything working fine, probably you don't have a fixed IP address on this Mac, or you have a Ethernet cable and Wi-fi On at same time, which can confuse Rama / Slave. Thanks a lot! Tom
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