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  1. Messiah has been mentioned a couple of times on the CGSociety EIAS forums in the past. It looks like PMG is trying to run a viral campaign, you can get Messiah Studio for $40 if they meet their goal. Messiah supports FBX, MDD and BVH so it might make a useful addition to EIAS for character animation. Here's the link: http://projectmessiah.com/x6/shop.html
  2. I can't really speak to the performance vs a gaming card but because of Houdini requirements I run a v3750 and a v7600 here and both run EIAS v8 without issue on 64bit windows.
  3. It was really nice to see some proactive communication.
  4. I've moved on to Houdini but v8, Win7 64bit, dual opteron 2356, 8GB worked ok for me earlier in the year. I seem to recall I had to apply a patch from the Igors for a problem I was having with camera on Windows when v8 first came out.
  5. I have it, I'll upload the zip package to the ftp server tonight. Hmm. Thought I was going to upload it but the ftp sites listed in the bug report section don't appear to be up and accepting connections. Ian, if you can provide an upload location I can get the files to you. Feel free to PM me. Al
  6. Hi Richard, Data came from the USGS. Both maps started out in geotiff format along with several 4k scanned images of the topographic maps from the area. I converted the geotiff's to dem format and used Polytrans to convert to fact files. I took the topo scans and stitched them together in photoshop and then used them as the texture lining them up by eye in EI. Those animations were rendered in HD so the map textures had to be huge. The terrain meshes came in around 2-3 million polygons a piece if memory serves. EI rendered those frames at about 23 seconds a frame at 1080p.
  7. I did some 3d map work for "Beautiful Places In HD with Tony Farley" over at On Networks that has been recently released. I created relief map animations in the "Hiking: Crater Lake" and "Hiking: Mount St Helens" episodes last year in EIAS 7. You can now view those episodes online here: http://www.onnetworks.com/videos/beautiful-places-in-hd If you have a short attention span my stuff is at 00:45 in Crater Lake and at 01:23 in Mt St Helens. Enjoy! Al
  8. Just FYI: You can use the HOT with the apprentice addition of Houdini, export the source grid to obj and export an mdd file. That can be imported into EIAS using the new mdd plugin. I've done it with Modo, should work with EIAS.
  9. Because you can import lightwave scenes into EI for rendering and those shaders duplicate the functionality of some of the old lightwave procedural shaders. Only works with the old lightwave format, v5.6 if memory serves. I haven't used it in years so I can't verify if that function even works in the current version or EIAS. Al
  10. Thanks for the response Igors. So, it sounds like my only the only fix is to install 32 bit windows or go back to EIAS7. I guess I'm done here for the time being.
  11. I just installed on another machine, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, 3GB RAM. Same file, same errors.
  12. Camera crashes on my machine when I render anything. I've uploaded "camera_crash_splitpoint.zip" to the ftp area. Inside are a screenprint of the error, a sample project, and system info. Easiest way to duplicate the issue is to load up the file in the zip, and "render window" On my system camera reports: Camera Error: an internal error has been detected. Library CLCS Error ID:3 Error value: 0 I've tried the file with 128MB and 1.5GB allocated to camera. I've tried parallel, point, and area light settings. I've tried re-installing EIAS v8 to no avail. EIAS v7 works on this system with the same settings. Happy hunting.
  13. Just upgraded to v8 and I'm now having issues with camera crashing under Windows. Where do I go for tech support these days? EITG? Here?
  14. I went ahead and uploaded a zip file containing a simple object with some fairly complex animation paths. Included in the zip are the original obj, fact converted using Polytrans, the mdd file and a small video showing the original animation for reference. The filename is houdini_mdd.zip and I dropped it in the mdd directory on the ftp site. I tested the mdd with the obj file in Modo and the animation came in perfectly. Good luck with your testing. I'll upload something more complex soon. Al
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