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    IIRC, the v7 is compatible with v8... I dont recall having outstanding issues. According to my notes, v7 was fixed and running Jan of this year. If there are issues, let me know and I can address them. (FYI, was out on a MUCH needed vacation so missed the post the first time.) Cj
  2. 1) Do NOT use Ubershapes... if you are, export them and re-import the shape 2) Reduce the number of particles (You can run in passes and comp together if needed Cj
  3. Yes... the x,y,a & rate are numbers calculated from changes.... and you need the amp/rate from the previous frame... have a look at this project I did a number of years ago which recreates a rope. http://www.cjberg.com/EI/rope.html'>http://www.cjberg.com/EI/rope.html (and others http://www.cjberg.com/EI/) Cj
  4. OK... try reworking more like this. The only thing is how you plan to determine the movement... that needs to be passed into the for loop. a = number of bugs; for (x=0;x $current_bug = "Bug_" + x //bug's name would be 'Bug_0', 'Bug_1', -> $current_bug.XPosition = some data }
  5. I have taken code from flash and rewritten it to XP with no issues... can you please provide a snippet of code you are having issues with... there are a lot of directions I could recommend, but it is nearly impossible without knowing some level of detail. I am not trying to steal code, just provide help. custom variables might be solved with nulls... as nulls can store data through frames. One difference between Flash & Xp is that you can declare a variable in flash, and read it the next frame. Not so with XP... so if you store data in a null, you can have access to it by using the [
  6. I do not have xp open, but iirc, you need to organize your code to not use functions... unless you do it craftily... I use nulls as containers for storing variables and data. Let me know what you are trying to do, and I am happy to help create the code. Cj
  7. Is there a 1:1 correlation to the fact and the mdd? iirc, I should have a fact cube and mdd cube animation in my way-back archives. I thought I provided that (via beta platter) though? Cj
  8. I use EIM on 10.5.8 & 10.6.2 with no problems... I will have days of modeling with little to no issues. Tool tips must be off... they will crash EIM instantly. But admittedly, I use the Ubers mostly. Cj
  9. Model in Modo, FZ, EIM & Rhino... maybe a couple others... Modo is a great tool, but I still have a few issues with it. Still use FZ as my poly hub. I still use EIM for a bulk of my more organic pieces. Rhino is a nurbs powerhouse, I prefer it's nurbs to EIM. Cj
  10. Yea, sorry... am used to calling it RenderTrauma(always discussing it when something needs fixing)... it is a term of endearment, not a comment on functionality. Cj
  11. Would be great to update RT. Either opening it up for customization or allowing scripting would be awesome.
  12. Would love to see further integration of FBX also... But, I may be a little off, is FBX still a current format? or are there newer formats being used? Cj
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